Channing Tatum & Jessie J: The Real Reason For Their Split & Why They ‘Might Get Back Together’

Channing Tatum and Jessie J shocked fans with the news of their split after dating for over a year and now we're learning exactly what went wrong and whether or not there's a chance they'll ever get back together.

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Channing Tatum, 39, and Jessie J, 31, are no longer a couple as far as a month ago, but they didn’t walk away from each other with any hard feelings. In fact, their split wasn’t the result of anything bad either of them did and their friends seem to think there may even be a chance they could eventually reconcile. “Channing and Jenna [Dewan]’s divorce had nothing to do with his split from Jessie,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Their relationship had simply run its course but several friends haven’t given up on the fact that they might still get back together at some point. They definitely have chemistry and there still appears to be flirtations going on between them. Only time will tell but there’s no hard feelings on either side.”

Despite their amicable split, one of the things Channing is hoping to do during his time being single, is focus more on his successful acting career. “Channing has nothing bad to say about Jessie J one bit, they still could reconnect in the future but he wants to pursue more acting roles and get back to it all because he feels he has lost that in the last few years by focusing on relationships that have both worked and not worked out,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY told us. “He just wants to get back to a place where he is happy and work is that avenue he needs to pursue. He is not avoiding love, he just has a few different interests currently and is really in work mode.”
Before he started dating Jessie, Channing was married to Jenna from 2009 until 2018. They share daughter Everly, 6, together and have been trying to work out a custody arrangement ever since their separation. Court documents show that the Magic Mike actor has been requesting a custody schedule for holidays and vacation time with Everly as well as permission to take her out of school for up to 5 days a year for special “work-related” occasions. “[Jenna] and I are fortunate to have employment that offers us unique and once in a lifetime opportunities. I would like to be able to share these experiences with Everly and believe that Everly would benefit from getting to take advantage of such opportunities,” he said in the documents.

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