‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Finale: ‘RHOC’ Star Alexis Bellino’s Mom Reveals A Shocking Secret

Alexis Bellino nearly left 'Marriage Boot Camp' without her mom, Penelope, but a last-minute reveal led to a more positive outcome.

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“Why is my mom so numb, when I’ve had so many things happen just as bad as her?” Real Housewives of Orange County alum Alexis Bellino wondered during the Dec. 20 season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. Up until this week’s episode, Alexis barely saw any effort from her mom when it came to trying to repair their relationship. So it wasn’t surprising to see Alexis tell Dr. V that she still had excessive resentment toward her mother. However, given the fact that this was how Alexis felt after a week and a half of intense family therapy, Dr. V was concerned. “Today’s a big day,” she told Alexis.

“I know, but for me, I was so wounded by her inability to show me the affection and empathy,” Alexis replied. “Why is my mom so numb, when I’ve had so many things happen just as bad as her? No, I wan’t hit by anyone. Yeah, she had a messed up childhood. So did so many other people.”

“Alexis, it’s day 10,” Dr. V told her. “Is it enough for you? She’s 70 years old. She’s already had a traumatizing life herself.” But Alexis said that she still needed to see more of a change. “To move our relationship forward, she has to put the effort in,” Alexis said. Then, later in a confessional, she added, “I just know that I need the commitment from her that she’s going to continue therapy in order for me to feel 100 percent like I’m ready to walk out with her.”

Afterwards, when Penelope met with Dr. V privately, she revealed that she was molested at age 8. It wasn’t something that she had told anyone before, but Dr. V urged her to tell Alexis because it would help Alexis understand why her mom is always so distant. Penelope wasn’t sure if she could do it, but when they stood face-to-face at the final ceremony, Penelope shared her secret. And both she and Alexis agreed to leave the house together and put the work in to fix their relationship.

All of Alexis’ co-stars (Aaron Carter, Corey Feldman, etc.) left with their families as well. No one went home alone.