Sam DeRosa Desperately Needs Medication For Her Broken Heart In ‘Pill For This’ Music Video

If someone can prescribe the cure for pain, Sam DeRosa could use a refill. She endures the mental breakdown that comes with a broken heart in the stunning video for her song, ‘Pill For This.’

It’s nearly 2020 and pharmaceutical has found cures for practically everything. Acid reflux? There’s a pill for that. Restless leg syndrome? There’s a pill for that. The pain that comes from realizing that you’re “still messed up halfway” over a failed romance that has left an indescribable ache in the pit of your soul? Well, as Sam DeRosa discovered in the video for her song, there is no “Pill for This” kind of pain – yet. The video, released on Dec. 19, sees Sam struggle through a mental health crisis tied to her broken heart. It’s a stark visual that accurately captures the strife and struggle that comes when trying to pick up the pieces after a broken heart.

“I’m really excited to get these visuals rolling for ‘Pill for This,'” Sam tells HollywoodLife. “It was written at a really vulnerable moment for me and has truly taken on a life of its own already. The song is about how there’s really no medicine or remedy for a broken heart. The visual is a prequel to the final video. The idea as a whole is that I’m taking you into my mind to see what goes on as I’m processing a heartbreak. This prequel is how the story begins.”

“My idea behind this first visual for the song is to set the scene for the story,” said Sam. “The whole video is supposed to be a metaphor. It’s a dramatized and magnified version of the journey into the mind of someone who’s experiencing heartbreak and loss. The idea is that you can try anything and everything, but it really is impossible to forget someone that you once loved, no matter how much it hurts. Even when it takes time, the ache will always live there.”

“The story around ‘Pill For This’ is about a feeling or a person that you can’t shake,” she adds. “Isn’t it crazy how we can medicate for almost anything: headaches, sinuses, broken bones, but never for a broken heart? That’s where this song came from. There are a lot of people who can’t process what they’re feeling, so my responsibility as an artist and songwriter is to speak my truth as best I can with the hopes that it will help someone else who’s hurting.”

Matthew Berinato

Since its September release, “Pill For This” has racked up over 4 million plays across streaming platforms and immediately burst into the Top 15 US iTunes Sales Chart. Fans first got a taste of the song on NBC’s Songland. Appearing on the Charlie Puth episode, Sam wowed the judges with her original composition. The experience not only saw her connect to multi-Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Shane McAnally, but it would also result in her first major record deal with Monument Records (a joint-venture with Sony Music.) It also, as it turns out, would change “Pill For This.” “We did make the song into a ballad,” said Sam, in a statement, “which I never thought it would be, but I was so pleasantly surprised.”

After releasing a handful of songs in 2019 – “Pill for This,” “Hate Me,” and “Baby I Know” – Sam is set for a breakout year in 2020. Forget being medicated. Stay dedicated to Sam, who’s about to become your new favorite singer.

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