‘RHONJ’: A Call From Joe Giudice Makes Everyone Cry At Teresa’s Easter Get Together

Teresa Giudice hosted an Easter dinner for her family during the Dec. 18 episode of 'RHONJ', and there wasn't a dry eye in the house after Joe called everyone from ICE custody.

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When the Dec. 18 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was filmed, Joe Giudice was still in ICE custody, following his release from prison. So when Teresa hosted an Easter dinner for her family, Joe called in to say hello. And since Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga and her sister-in-law, Melissa, were there, too, the pleasant family talk quickly turned to making fun of Joe Gorga’s height when compared to Audriana‘s recent growth spurt.

“You still got your sense of humor,” Joe Gorga told Joe Giudice. And then the waterworks started. “Listen, I f**king love you, bro. I miss you. That’s why I don’t like to talk to you, bro, because you really break my f**king heart. I miss you bro, and you got to stay strong. Alright?” After Joe Giudice said, “Bro, I’m doing everything I could, man. Enough is enough of this s**t, man,” he also started crying.

Later, during a private confessional, Teresa admitted, “What’s so painful to me is the past five years, like, our family being ripped apart, we haven’t been together on holidays. Joe has missed the girls growing up, and that’s something that we can’t get back.”

In the aftermath of Joe losing his latest appeal, Gia wondered whether or not she should let her dad give up on fighting his deportation and just move to Italy already. She said she didn’t want to act “selfish”, but she wasn’t quite ready to give up on the idea of her dad coming home just yet. And the same went for Audriana, who shed some tears this week and told her mom that she really wanted to visit her dad in ICE. But Teresa didn’t want Audriana to have to see him behind a glass partition, so she told Audriana that they’d visit him as soon as he got out — no matter where he ended up.

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