Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith Go Nuts After Kylie Jenner Revives Her Iconic ‘Rise & Shine’ Moment

Kylie Jenner had a little fun at a charity event on Dec. 13 when recreated her viral song 'Rise and Shine' for an audience and Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith couldn't help but jump up and down in excitement.

Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Kylie Jenner
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Kylie Jenner, 22, sure knows how to capture a crowd and she did just that at a recent charity art event! The mother-of-one got an audience as well as fellow celeb friends Justin Bieber, 25, and Jaden Smith, 21, super excited when she decided to sing out her now viral hit “Rise and Shine” into a microphone at the event and the eye-catching video of the memorable moment is truly epic. In the clip, Kylie, who is wearing a white pantsuit, walked up to the microphone before belting out the one liner to some eager cheers. Justin and Jaden can then both be seen running into each other’s arms to celebrate the song’s recreation as Kylie walks back to the corner of the room and smiles.

In addition to the showstopping moment, there were plenty of memories made at the charity event. Justin, who wore a green drew hoodie and plaid pants, sang a few of his biggest hits, including acoustic versions of “Love Yourself”, “Never Say Never” and “Baby” and it definitely was one of the many reasons the crowd was in good spirits. The event was a charity auction event that Justin himself was hosting to help raise money for LIFT Los Angeles and Inner-City Arts and from the looks of the fun-loving videos, it seemed to be quite the success.

Jaden, who wore a tie dye shirt and matching pants, also showed off his talents at one point when he helped Justin perform “Never Say Never” and it brought the energy of the crowd up as they clapped along and cheered for the young stars.

It’s awesome to see Kylie having a little fun with her unexpected viral tune. Perhaps this isn’t the only time we’ll hear her belt it out again!

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