‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Aaron Carter Reveals If He Blames His Mom For His Substance Abuse

It was 'lie detector day' on the Dec. 13 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition', so that meant everyone was forced to face the truth -- and not everyone came out unscathed.

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Aaron Carter was grilled about both his drug use and money issues during the Dec. 13 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. He and his mother, Jane, were actually forced to face questions they didn’t want to answer for the show’s dreaded lie-detector test. They initially pitched their own questions to Judge Lynn Toler, but she overrode them with ones of her own, and those were the ones that bothered Aaron and Jane. “According to the doctors, the issues that you’ve been dealing with in this boot camp aren’t those,” Judge Toler told them pair of their questions. “Here are the questions I’m going to give you.”

“Jane,” she said, “Did you knowingly mismanage the money that Aaron made in his childhood?” Aaron then looked over at his mom, who appeared worried about answering the question. When Carter was 16, his parents had separeted. They were both his co-managers during his childhood, and after they split in 2003, Aaron sided with his dad and filed for emancipation from his mom. He also fired her as his manager and claimed she stole more than $100,000 from his bank account. So for obvious reasons, she was nervous to answer the question because while she was adamant that she didn’t steal anything from him, she later came to learn that his dad had stole money from him. “There’s no way that I can answer that question yes or no because it’s a grey area,” she said during her confessional.

Judge Toler then looked over at Aaron and told him that his question would be the following: “Do you blame your mother for your substance abuse?” After hearing it, Aaron turned his head to look at Jane and gasped, “Oh, s***.” Aaron has struggled with addiction issues over the years, but claims he’s currently sober.

Because Aaron and Jane’s questions dealt with very sensitive topics, they tried to get out of answering them, but the doctors insisted the questions stay the way they were. And in the end, Aaron and Jane answered them as truthfully as possible. Jane said she did not knowingly steal money from Aaron, and there was NO deception indicated. Furthermore, Aaron said he did not blame his mom for his substance abuse issues, and again, there was NO deception indicated.

To be honest, Corey Feldman was the only cast member to lie this week. He was asked if he respects his brother, Eden, and he said yes, but for him, deception WAS indicated.

Want more drama? The season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition airs Friday, Dec. 20, at 9pm on WE tv.