Kendall Jenner Mocks Kylie’s Big Lips & Rubs Makeup All Over Her Face During Hilarious Impersonation

Kendall Jenner absolutely killed an exaggerated impression of her sister Kylie. She put on an oversized amount of lipstick in a new 'KUWTK' episode while mocking Ky's famed plumped pout.

It looks like on an upcoming Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, the  family members are trading identities. Kendall Jenner, 24, did an absolutely to die for impression of her cosmetics mogul younger sister Kylie, 22, mocking her oversized lips and love of lining them to make them look even bigger. Kenny even nailed her sister’s penchant for colorful wigs, donning a long pink number, as well as colored sweatshirts. She’s first seen at a lunch table with the rest of her family, then the video cuts to Kendall literally slathering on one of Kylie’s lip kits all over the bottom part of her face, making for totally exaggerated lips.

“I love overlining my lips. Like this is how it all started. Literally I was like overlining my lips and everyone was wondering what I was using,” she playfully says. Then the video cuts to a new seg where she adds on some red gloss to her already overlined lips as she gushes, “Mix the shades. We love mixing.”

“Oh my god, it feels amazing on my skin,” Kendall continues as she goes so far as to smear the red gloss all over her teeth once she was done using it to completely overline not only her lips but pretty much the bottom of her whole face. “It feels so f***ing good,” Kendall oozes with mocking joy.

It appears everyone — except Kylie — traded identities for a lunch. The very last shot shows Kylie calling in and praising Kendall’s version of her, albeit the model had toned down the lip overlining from her one on one time. Kourtney Kardashian, 40, can be seen dressed like sister Kim, 39, in a plunging black tank top, shades, blazing tan and long straight dark hair. Meanwhile, Kris Jenner, 64, is wearing a blonde, wavy wig apparently impersonating Khloe Kardashian, 35. We can’t wait to see what other hijinks ensue when everyone trades identities!

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