Cardi B Heads To Court With A Hot Bodyguard & Fans Can’t Get Over How Good Looking He Is

Quick question: are you aware that Cardi B has an extremely handsome bodyguard? Her literal hired muscle has fans losing their minds after seeing a pic of him escorting her to court.

Cardi B
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Cardi B‘s star power, or her massive, feathered coat somehow weren’t the most distracting things about her arrival to a New York City courthouse on December 10. The rapper’s fans had their attention drawn to her HOT AF bodyguard instead. We know just a few things about the mystery man, who — let the record show — we’d like to guard our bodies: his name is Price, he’s got a passion for fashion, has a six-pack you can see through a literal sweater, and is so handsome that it’s almost annoying. Introducing: your new obsession! The Bardi Gang has always had a thing for Price, who has been by her side throughout her journeys around the world. But his recent jaunt to Queens with Cardi renewed the thirst.

Price, a gentleman, guided Cardi and her floor-length parka into the courthouse for her latest hearing, making sure she didn’t trip over her Louboutins and feathered train. Though Cardi’s outfit was arguably more flashy, Price looked pretty damn good, too. The bodyguard, who works for Priceless Protection Services, rocked a slim, tan suit with a ribbed turtleneck and a fisherman beanie. You could somehow still see all of his muscles through his full coverage outfit in the 30-degree chill. Needless to say, Cardi’s fans are all over this.

“her body guard kinda look like scar. @iamcardib tell him to let me be the mouse!!!!” one fan tweeted, posting a gif of the Disney lion dangling a mouse over his head. “who told the guard to come thru like that??” another fan asked. “a part of me wants to invade her privacy so her security can invade mine,” another joked(?).

Cardi B

Price isn’t just really, really ridiculously good looking; he’s a genuinely nice guy. His Instagram has plenty of pics of Cardi and her daughter, Kulture, captioned with sweet messages and Bible verses. “You are 100% deserving of god‘s plan for your life #Cardib,” he captioned a post of Cardi nuzzling Kulture the same day as the court appearance. Aww!

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