‘RHOA’: Kenya Crashes Marlo’s Wig Event & NeNe Reveals A Secret Recording

NeNe invited Kandi to lunch and revealed some disturbing information about Cynthia during the Dec. 8 episode of 'RHOA'. Plus, Kenya caused a major scene at Marlo's wig event.

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The Dec. 8 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, titled “Where’s There’s A Wig, There’s A Way”, is a perfect example as to why this franchise is utterly fantastic. Not only did someone’s conversation get recorded without them knowing, but one woman crashed another woman’s wig launch event with a marching band  — and her own hair products! Yes, really. It all happened when Marlo Hampton gathered the ladies of RHOA for her wig launch event and asked both Porsha Williams and NeNe Leakes to snatch a wig, put it on a model and achieve the best flat iron curl. But just as they finished (Porsha won), Kenya Moore literally marched into the venue with her own group promoting Kenya Moore Haircare. “The hell is this?” Marlo asked, as we roared with laughter while watching it all unfold.

“This is absolutely insane,” Porsha said, and that’s when we soon realized that we had another iconic Real Housewives moment on our hands. Kenya actually thought it was a great idea to promote her product at a wig launch event, but Marlo didn’t see it that way. Even though she had extended an invite to Kenya, Marlo had no idea that Kenya would use her to promote her own haircare line, so Marlo asked her security to make Kenya leave. At first, Kenya resisted, but then she gave in and made her way to the exit. And even though she was pushed out, Kenya left laughing, knowing that she had succeeded in not only promoting her haircare line, but pissing Marlo off in the process.

NeNe also went to the party, but she wasn’t there for long. And as soon as the drama started, she quickly exited. Yovanna tried stopping her, but NeNe said she no longer has any place for drama in her life. She could have fooled us, though, because earlier in the episode, she told Kandi that she had a mutual friend secretly record Kenya talking smack about her. NeNe didn’t disclose what Cynthia had said on the recording, but she did say that it was very negative. And when Kandi told Cynthia about it, later on in this week’s episode, Cynthia suspected it was either Yovanna or Marlo. Yovanna denied being the culprit when Kandi questioned her at Marlo’s event, but we still think she was the one who did it.

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