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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Romeo Goes Off About Angela Amid Bow Wow Drama — Watch

Romeo sits down with Vanessa and reveals the state of his relationship with Angela in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the season 5 premiere of 'Growing Up Hip Hop.'

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Things are not going well between Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons. Vanessa Simmons asks Romeo when he talked to Angela last in this EXCLUSIVE preview of Growing Up Hip Hop season 5 premiere, which airs on Dec. 5, and he admits that they don’t talk anymore. “Look, I communicate more with you and your brother more than her,” Romeo explains. “She wants to live her life and live her best life and do that, but I don’t want to be a part of it because I feel like it’s more harm than good.” Romeo adds that he’s pretty much deleted everybody off of his social media.

Vanessa is shocked at what she’s hearing from Romeo. At the end of the day, Romeo and Angela do have a friendship. “You know that once upon a time it was very real,” Romeo continues. “She was serious with somebody else. She went to New York and went to the whole, I ain’t going to say no names, but you know who she keep running back to.” We all know who Romeo is talking about — Bow Wow. Romeo is clearly not happy with how everything has fleshed out with Angela.

“I’m just saying, as a woman, the people you choose to be with says a lot about you,” Romeo tells Vanessa, who is getting a little fed up with him. “This is beyond just him feeling like he needs to close a chapter,” Vanessa says in a confessional. “This is very personal.”

In addition to the Angela, Romeo, and Bow Wow drama, Growing Up Hip Hop season 5 will feature Vanessa’s acting career skyrocketing and her business flourishing. However, she’ll start to feel disconnected from her family. Jojo Simmons and Tanice are gearing up to walk down the aisle but they are not on the same page about everything. Romeo is also riding the wave of his recent theatrical release but when he gets a job offer in Australia, Master P finds himself left high and dry. Egypt Criss is newly engaged to Sam Mattick and on an all-time high but her cousin Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis and Tyran Moore will stop at nothing to show Egypt how toxic Sam is. Meanwhile, Damon “Boogie” Dash’s and his sister Ava are ready to take down their father, Dame, who is expecting a child with Raquel “Rocky” Horn. Briana Latrise faces off with Angela and has a new love interest but in order to move forward with her new love, she has to face her past. Twist is ready for the world to hear his new music and his secret love is revealed, but he must also deal with legal trouble. Meanwhile, Eric “Lil Eazy-E” Wright is still at odds with his family and friends over his father’s death. Growing Up Hip Hop season 5 will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.