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Teddi Mellencamp Reveals How She’s Staying Healthy During Her Pregnancy: I’m Being ‘Active’

'RHOBH' Teddi Mellencamp is set to welcome the first baby in the show's history in she's revealing how she's staying in shape when it comes to her pregnancy.

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Teddi Mellencamp, 37, isn’t set to welcome her third child with husband Edward Arroyave, until March 2020, though one could assume that it’ll be documented heavily on the next season of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills . It’s no surprise that Teddi, who’s an accountability coach and gone through her own massive weight loss journey, is having a different pregnancy this time around because of her past. “Well, the biggest thing for me has been that I can stay active,” Teddi told HollywoodLife EXCLUISVELY during BravoCon on Nov. 15 in New York City. “Because the other pregnancies, I wasn’t active when I started in the right way and I wasn’t eating the right things either. And I ended up on bed rest and I wasn’t able to do what I had hoped that I could do during a pregnancy. And this one I started healthy. I started being active. So the doctor was like, ‘You can keep it up.’ So really my fitness has slowed down, but I’ve been able to continue staying active.

Since Teddi is in a different place with her body nowadays, it’s clear she’s more confident and wants to share that with fans by posting the most adorable belly baring photos for her social followers. After all, who wouldn’t want to hold onto those precious moments to look back on after her baby girl arrives! “So I share so much because I think when I was pregnant, I didn’t always share how I was feeling the last time and I feel like I missed out on some things,” Teddi revealed. “Because I felt like I… It’s crazy, I didn’t want to be vulnerable. And I think that opening up and sharing how you’re feeling is a great way for other moms to kind of understand that they’re not alone.”

For Teddi, it’s all about feeling as good as she looks, especially because she’s going to have to stay put in the 90210 shortly after the holidays when she hits 32 weeks and can’t travel any longer. With filming coming to a close in the near future, she’s enjoying as much as she can while she feels her best. “I’m feeling good,” Teddi said. “I think I haven’t really had a chance to feel the major pregnancy symptoms that I did before because we’ve been hitting the ground running. We’ve been filming the season, I’ve got my business, I’ve got the other kids. So it’s just getting it done.”