‘L&HH: Hollywood’: Lyrica & A1 Face New Cheating Rumors & A Fight Breaks Out

Zell's event quickly went left during the Nov. 18 episode of 'L&HH: Hollywood', when A1 found out that Misster Ray was publicly questioning whether or not he's Ocean's father.

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Image Credit: VH1

Lyrica Anderson and A1 went on a date to Zell‘s fashion show, during the Nov. 18 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. It was supposed to be a chance for them to spend quality time together, but the night ended in with a fistfight after a new cheating rumor emerged. It all happened after one of A1 and Lyrica’s friends grabbed another woman at the event. The woman got mad, caused a scene, and A1 and Lyrica laughed it off. This woman, who is friends with Misster Ray, stormed out of the party, but he chased after her and begged her to come back inside. While he was outside, however, Lyrica and A1 were talking about the incident with their friends, and that’s when Zell told them that Misster Ray had been spreading a rumor about A1 not being Ocean‘s father.

Once Misster Ray returned inside — without his friend — he was confronted by the group about the rumor. However, Misster Ray denied spreading the rumor. Instead, he said that he was just repeating what he had read online, but it wasn’t a good enough excuse for A1. A1 told Misster Ray that he deserved a consequence for even repeating such a disgusting rumor, and that’s when A1 “sucker punched” Misster Ray in the face.

Following the event, Misster Ray told his friends that A1 should be focusing his attention on something other than his face. And that’s because he believes Lyrica is cheating on A1. Misster Ray told his friends that Lyrica is hiding another man behind A1’s back — something he actually told A1 in the final few minutes of this week’s episode, after he threw a drink in A1’s face for punching him at Zell’s event.

Fortunately for Misster Ray, A1 didn’t retaliate. Instead, they made up and he apologized for punching Misster Ray. But we don’t think Lyrica is going to get off so easily when A1 approaches her about her alleged secret boyfriend.

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