’90 Day Fiance’ Preview: Emily Prepares To Give Birth In Russia — Watch

Emily goes into labor during the Nov. 17 episode of '90 Day Fiance' and Sasha is by her side in this EXCLUSIVE preview. He supports her and acts as her translator with the Russian doctors.

There’s a new 90 Day Fiance baby on the way. Emily, 28, has gone into labor and she’s waiting to get her epidural in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Nov. 17 episode. She’s experiencing intense contractions in the hospital and Sasha, 31, is there to support her throughout the labor. Sasha is being extra helpful as he acts as a translator for Emily with the Russian doctors.

“I’ve never been in the hospital when I had children,” Sasha says in our EXCLUSIVE video. “I’ve never seen a maternity place. In Russia, it’s unusual man be with his wife when she’s giving birth. I think last times I just I was working. Probably, I don’t really remember. But the doctor let me be a part of this because Emily cannot speak Russian so well so I must be there as translator.”

After graduating from college, Emily moved to Russia to teach English and had planned on traveling all over Europe during her time there. During a visit to the gym with her co-workers, Emily spotted Sasha, an attractive fitness trainer. He trained her at the gym, she tutored him in English and a relationship developed. Before long, Emily learned that Sasha was twice divorced and has a son from each marriage. Emily soon became pregnant with Sasha’s third child, and they’re now planning on moving to America as a family of three. However, the tricky part will be convincing her family that she’s not going to become ex-wife number three.

90 Day Fiance season 7 premiered Nov. 3 on TLC. This season features 7 new couples who have gone the distance for what they believe to be true love. Will all the couples make it? Time will tell.

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