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Idina Menzel Reveals If Elsa Has Found ‘Romantic Love’ In ‘Frozen 2’ With New Female Character

'Frozen' was such a change for a Disney heroine as Elsa didn't fall for a handsome prince. Idina Menzel is revealing if her character finds love with a female in the new sequel.

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In Disney’s smash Frozen, heroine Elsa’s life didn’t revolve around a man or finding a handsome prince. It was all about sisterhood and there was some chatter that Elsa might come out as gay in Frozen 2. Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa, reveals whether or not she’ll find romance with a woman in the new sequel. She and co-star Kristen Bell appeared on SiriusXM on Nov. 14 to discuss the topic and SPOILER ALERT, reveals who Elsa finds love with.

“I think that that’s not what they’re focusing on (Elsa possibly being gay), that Elsa’s never been focused on romantic love in her life. She’s just always on this search for who she is as a person and her finding this love for herself. The whole movie in fact we concentrate on this unconditional love between sisters and family and that’s what we’re so proud of that it’s not based on that (romantic love),” Idina, 48, revealed.

“So to go to that place…it’s not to say they won’t or that it will never happen or that you’re not seeing some undercurrent of something…she’s just really not in that place right now. She’s trying to figure out who she’s meant to be in the world and what she can share with the world and how to do it with these incredible powers that she has. And that’s not an answer to try to escape from it. It’s not there yet,” she continued.

Kristen, 39, had her own thoughts on the subject of whether or not Elsa could be gay. “I also think there’s something so beautiful about it. I took the same undercurrents of the movie and I had to remind myself ‘Oh, you know what a more important thing is? It’s none of my business.’ I mean it’s great to see representation, always, and people need that,” she revealed.

“But perhaps a more important message is to this broader audience is ‘Oh you don’t need to worry about who Elsa’s going to choose, cause that’s up to her.’ And if she’s not there yet, you literally don’t need to think about it. It doesn’t affect you. I think that I liked the way that they handled it cause they gave options. There’s also another guy character so Elsa can choose whatever she wants to choose. The better, broader message is that’s not our concern, that Elsa’s choice and she’ll make it when she’s ready. But it’s not going to affect us,” Kristen added.