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‘RHONJ’: The Ladies Face-Off Against Danielle Staub & Margaret Calls Her A ‘Prostitute’

Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub threw major insults at each other during the Nov. 13 episode of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'.

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Tensions quickly rose between Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub, during the Nov. 13 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, when the ladies took harsh jabs at each other, following a fun obstacle course event with Teresa Giudice. It all started when Danielle took a jab at Jennifer for not inviting her to her husband’s business party. Jennifer said she didn’t want to invite somebody who has the “ability to flip the switch so easily”, but Danielle said she’s never been guilty of flipping any switch. However, Jennifer disagreed, as she and Danielle recently went out together and when Jennifer found out that Danielle’s real name is Beverly, Danielle allegedly freaked out on her. So Jennifer brought up this example at Dolores’ house, when all the ladies went there after the obstacle course, but still, Danielle denied ever doing such a thing. And that’s when Margaret called her a “liar”.

Margaret further told Danielle, “You can’t keep hurting people and damaging other people’s lives.” Then, Margaret brought up the fact that Danielle started dating and became engaged to her friend, Gina‘s, boyfriend, Oliver, after her split with Marty. “You wanted to stick a knife in her heart!” Margaret yelled. And Danielle clapped back, “No, it wasn’t about her. You’re the one who, after four years of having an affair with Joe, you decide to [slap] Jan with a divorce.” 

“It doesn’t matter,” Margaret said. “I have an ex-husband who adores me, my current husband adores me, and that’s a lot more than you can say for yourself.” Then, when Danielle dismissed her statement by saying “it was still cheating”, Margaret basically called Danielle a “prostitute” before acknowledging, “[you’ve] f***ed a lot more married men than I have.” And with that statement, Danielle charged out of Margaret’s house, saying she wouldn’t put up with such hatred.

Teresa tried running after Danielle and calming her down, but Danielle refused to go back inside. So once Teresa rejoined the ladies, she accused Margaret of being too hard on Danielle. But Margaret reminded Teresa how she once called Danielle a “prostitution whore”, too. (Who could forget?) Then, Margaret decided to leave as well because Teresa hasn’t yet opened her eyes to how evil Danielle can be.

Sadly, the day was supposed to be a way for the ladies to help Teresa get her mind off her troubles, as earlier in the episode, Joe Giudice was released from prison and transferred to ICE, but that obviously didn’t happen. Wherever Danielle goes, drama follows.

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