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‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Aaron Carter Loses His Patience Over Corey Feldman’s Selfish Behavior

Aaron Carter is sick and tired of Corey Feldman acting selfish, and the pop star is making that very clear during the Nov. 15 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition'.

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Aaron Carter is nearing his breaking point on Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the Nov. 15 episode of the reality TV series, Corey Feldman can be seen spilling his guts to Aaron. And as both Dr. Ish and Dr. V have pointed out in the past, all of Corey’s sentences start with the word “I” — and it’s starting to piss Aaron off.

“I’ve been through a lot, man, and I’m just like lucky to even be alive right now. You don’t understand,” Corey tells Aaron, as they walk into the kitchen with their arms wrapped around each other. However, Aaron insists that he does know how Corey feels. But Corey doesn’t listen. Instead, he just keeps rambling about himself. “I’m just not here to place blame on anybody, man. I’m just saying, I’m not here to do that. I wasn’t listening, but that doesn’t mean that [my family is] like a complete mess, and we should have been blamed for everything, and that’s what [the doctors] were doing. Every time, I’m the one that’s the bad guy. I’m the one in jail. I’m the one getting shot. I’m the one who has to see my brother dead because he’s my responsibility. It’s just all on me, all on me, all on me,” Corey said, referring to previous exercises they’ve done this season.

Then, in a private confessional with his mom, Aaron reveals how he feels about the situation. “Corey doesn’t have much respect for his younger brother, and for the things that he’s accomplished — without having to follow in Corey’s footsteps,” Aaron says. Then, when Aaron and Corey are face-to-face again, Aaron tells Corey that he made him “mad” during their most recent exercise, but Corey doesn’t seem to care and begs him not to make him “unravel”.

Finally, Aaron says in another confessional, “Corey, tonight, he’s kind of making it about himself and I’m starting to lose my patience with people’s personas. Take the masks off — be real. I came to this show to heal my relationship with my mother. We’re all being f***ing real to you guys. We’re not getting that from the rest of the f***ing cast right now.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition airs Fridays at 10pm on WE tv.