‘RHOA’: Porsha Learns Dennis Had Sex With Another Woman While She Was Pregnant

Porsha learned some devastating news after an unexpected night of passion with her estranged fiance, during the Nov. 10 episode of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'.

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Porsha Williams went to two very different doctor appointments during the Nov. 10 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — one with a happy ending, and one without. The first one was a checkup for baby PJ, and even though Porsha and Dennis McKinley split up, she still asked him if he wanted to join them… so he did. And afterwards, he suggested picking up some alcohol and heading back to her place to watch a movie. Porsha, who was having all kinds of mixed emotions this week, reluctantly agreed, and eventually, she realized the movie they were watching was actually a TV series. So they watched a few episodes, and that eventually lead to them having one too many drinks and ending up in bed together. Porsha thought it was funny. Especially when she was telling the story to Shamea. However, things quickly turned serious when Shamea asked Porsha if she’s pregant again. She said no, but later told a producer that she’s not “1000% sure” she’s not pregnant.

Despite Porsha’s issues with Dennis, it didn’t seem too crazy for her to get pregnant by him again. After all, baby PJ would have a full-blood sibling, no matter what happens with Porsha and Dennis’ relationship. At least, that’s how we initially felt — that is, until Porsha met up with Dennis for a therapy session. And that brings us to her second doctor appointments. As a way to try and fix their relationship, Porsha and Dennis decided to see a therapist. Porsha broke up with Dennis when she suspected that he had cheated on her, but she didn’t know all the details. However, when they met with the therapist, Dennis broke down in tears and revealed that he actually had sex with another women while Porsha was pregnant. Yikes. We, as viewers, didn’t see what transpired during the therapy session, but we did see Porsha run out crying 35 minutes after she went in. And when she got home, she told her sister everything. And that’s when Porsha also said that she doesn’t see a future with Dennis — not after he treated her so poorly.

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