Joe Giudice: Why He May Be Denied Entry Into Other Countries, Even With An Italian Passport — Lawyer Explains

Joe Giudice may have a difficult time gaining entry into any other countries due to his criminal past while he sits in Italy awaiting a decision on his deportation order.

Joe Giudice Italian passport
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Joe Giudice, who shares four daughters with Teresa Giudice, 47, was released from a low security correctional facility in Allenwood, PA on Mar. 14 after serving nearly three years in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. The 47-year-old reality star spent seven more months in ICE custody fighting his deportation order to be able to stay in the U.S. with Teresa and his daughters Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10. But Joe made the decision to go back to Italy in the meantime and is exploring all his options.

While waiting in his native country of Italy for a decision on his appeal in response to his deportation order, Joe has thought about visiting other countries such as Canada to be closer to his family. But despite obtaining an Italian passport, Joe may not be able to travel to Canada, or any other country for that matter, due to his criminal history. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with immigration attorney Edward Shulman, Esq. who explained, “As an Italian citizen, Joe is allowed to go to whatever country accepts an Italian citizen. However, because Joe is a felon and has criminal convictions some countries may deny his entry.”

“Another country may allow Joe to request a waiver to allow him entry temporarily but again, there’s no guarantee even a waiver would be granted,” Shulman continued. “There’s no way of knowing what the likelihood is that another country would grant him entry or accept a waiver.”

When asked if there are specific countries that have a policy in regards to a visitor’s criminal past, Shulman added, “No, everybody has that policy. The question is are they willing to accept him or not because of his criminal record. If Joe takes his Italian passport and tries to fly into Canada, Canada might deny his entry based on his convictions and not allow him into the country.”

Shulman added that “in theory” Joe may be stuck in Italy forever, but said, “The only thing that may work is since Italy is part of the EU, he may be driving from Italy to another country and they could waive him through if they’re not checking their computers. So they could see he’s an Italian citizen and just let him through. But any other country that isn’t part of the EU then he would be subjected to their rules and regulations as to whether or not he needs a visa, and if they request a waiver from him.”

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