Maddie Corman’s Harrowing Story ‘Accidentally Brave’ Comes To Audible: Exclusive Listen

If you didn't get the chance to see Maddie Corman's off-Broadway play, 'Accidentally Brave,' you now have the opportunity to listen to her shocking & inspiring story on Audible.

Maddie Corman
Image Credit: Amanda Jones

When Maddie Corman learned that her husband, a well-known television actor and director, was arrested and accused of promoting child pornography, she was on her way to shoot a scene for a show she was working on. Her one-woman play, Accidentally Brave, jumps right into the distressing details as Maddie walks the audience through the days, weeks, months and even years following the public unveiling of her husband’s dark secret. Now, everyone will have the opportunity to listen to the stunning Accidentally Brave as Corman has released the first-ever audio recording of the show and has an EXCLUSIVE first listen!

“I’m delighted and honored that Audible Theater will bring Accidentally Brave to a whole new audience. I hope that like our NYC audiences, listeners will laugh, weep, learn, think and feel seen,” Corman said. “This play comes from a place of deep pain and unimaginable loneliness and a burning desire to shine a light on the secrets that keep us sick. And to remind one another that sometimes grace can sneak in when one’s heart is cracked open.” In the exclusive audio clip, listeners will hear the minute and a half of the start of the show, when Corman details her “perfect” wedding before revealing that, while everyone has their own secrets, her husband had a “really big secret.” “Before we begin this journey — oh, God, I hate when people use the word journey — Ok, before we begin this thing, I just want you to know that I am not okay,” she says, showcasing her incredible sense of humor and epic realness that carries throughout the show. “This is not one of those shows where I talk about how I was okay, and then I wasn’t okay, but now, I’m okay.”

She continues, “The only way I’ve gotten through these past days, which have turned into months, and now years, has been with other people being of service and sharing their stories with me, and now I would like to share mine with you.” Tony-winning producer Daryl Roth praised Corman’s performance, adding, “It was my honor to produce Maddie’s play Accidentally Brave Off-Broadway, and I’m proud that it had such an emotional impact on our audiences. I’m thrilled that now, through Audible, this story will live on and be shared with so many around the country and around the world.”

Accidentally Brave is available now on Audible today for purchase.

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