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’90 Day Fiancé’: What Darcey Really Thinks About Angela Defending Her Ex Jesse On Explosive Tell All

Darcey is finally revealing what she thinks about the '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days' tell all that got so messy her co-star Angela had to be separated from everyone else.

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Darcey Silva, Angela Deem
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Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days were in shock on Oct. 28 when Part 2 of the tell all descended into a massive fight between Angela Deem and the rest of her castmates. Twitter went into a meltdown as the 54-year-old blonde had to be separated from everyone else after cursing out Avery Mills and Tim Malcolm for defending Darcey Silva when her ex Jesse Meester turned up. Accusing the two of “bullying” him she flung multiple f-bombs at her co-stars and a security guard had to intervene to keep Angela and yet another castmate, Rebecca Parrott, apart.

Now 45-year-old Darcey is admitting that she has no idea why the situation got so messy after the Georgia grandmother’s passionate defense of Jesse. “It came out of the blue,” the mom-of-two tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. We were worked up about it… [I was] upset that it happened that way.”

As viewers know TLC deliberately kept Darcey and her new man Tom Brooks away from Jesse. The lovebirds were on-set with Darcey’s twin Stacey, being grilled by the reunion host Shaun Robinson, when the altercation backstage in the green room – which left Avery in floods of tears – happened. At the time they had no idea the extent of what was taking place until after they finished filming their segment.

Jesse Meester, Darcey Silva
Darcey Silva and her ex, Jesse Meester, during happier times. (TLC)

Days after the show aired, Darcey – who is friendly with Angela – still can’t understand why her co-star felt the need to handle the situation the way she did. “Bless her heart, I’m not quite sure [what] her intentions for that [were],” she says before admitting, “It was a very drama-fueled tell all. Everybody reacts in different ways… I don’t wish anyone harm or any negativity. I just want everybody to have peace about it, really. I can’t control how other people react and do things. All I can do is have peace about it myself and just be there for the ones that got hurt emotionally.”

“All this happened because [Jesse] walked in and everyone had my back,” Darcey adds. “It was just sad to see… Nobody wants to feel demeaned or hurt, or emotionally destroyed by any of this. We’re all just here for love and living our life and exposing our lives for the world to see. And we all want the same thing, which is love.”

While Darcey believes that her ex Jesse appeared on the tell all to “shame and bash” her “for his own benefit,” she’s heartened that Avery and Tim stood up for her and challenged his motives for being there, when she wasn’t around. “That was beautiful that they had my back and Tim stood his ground and protected me. And Avery was just wearing her heart on her sleeve. She’s been through past relationship that felt something similar and she was there to guard her heart and my heart. I felt very blessed that they were there. They’re amazing people… I felt bad she was crying and all that crazy drama happened. It was very unfortunate it went down like that.”

As for Angela she and her Nigerian fiancé Michael Ilesanmi, 30, are now being featured on the current season of 90 Day Fiancé as they focus on his move to the U.S.