‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Shocking Pregnancy Reveal Rocks Jo & Alex’s Second Wedding

A wedding, a baby, and real-life skeletons? That's what fans were treated to during the Oct. 31 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'.

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Alex and Jo may have gotten married during the Season 14 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, but they never actually filed the legal paperwork, so the duo finally made things official in the final moments of the Oct. 31 Halloween-themed episode. And since Jo was already in her wedding gown — she dressed up as a demon bride for the spooky holiday — it seemed like the perfect time to say “I do” (again)… even though she was covered in fake blood. It was actually during this second wedding ceremony that Jo told Alex she’s “pregnant”, but before he could even react to the news, she told him that she was joking. (Phew — as happy as we’d be to see Jo and Alex get pregnant, there’s almost too many characters pregnant right now.) And we can only assume Alex was just as relieved, since he’s still trying to impress investors at Pac-Gen North, after discovering several skeletons on the hospital’s construction site grounds.

Meanwhile, Meredith feared she wouldn’t make it home in time for trick-or-treating with her kids since she was locked up in jail, but her lawyer’s paperwork came through just in time and she made it home to see her kids in their costumes. But before any of that happened, DeLuca had to entertain Zola, who was pretty upset that he wasn’t Derek. So to brighten her spirits, DeLuca told Zola about the time Derek operated on Isaac, the hospital lab tech with an inoperable tumor wrapped around his spine, and that made her smile. So did Meredith’s inmate “costume” when she walked in the door and greeted her kids.

Elsewhere, Teddy felt the pressure to be super-mom after tasking herself with creating original Halloween costumes for Allison and Leo. And her complaints about it made Bailey cry, since her pregnancy hormones were out of whack this week. But in the end, Teddy decided to go with what was easiest, so she dressed the kids up as zombies, using stuff from inside the walls of the hospital to create their costumes.

Finally, Amelia met Link’s divorced parents, who revealed they’re getting remarried despite the fact that they both tortured Link with their split throughout years of his young adulthood. So Link obviously had a hard time dealing with their news, but things only got more awkward when he and Amelia revealed they’re expecting a baby together — and the little guy or girl’s due date may or may not fall on his parents’ new wedding date.

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