Lisa Vanderpump & Sarah Paulson Pic Surfaces After ‘RHOBH’ Alum Claims They Never Met & Fans React

A photo of Lisa Vanderpump and Sarah Paulson posing together at a party surfaced on Twitter on Oct. 3 after Lisa insisted they didn't know each other and some fans didn't hesitate to call her a 'liar'.

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It looks like Lisa Vanderpump, 59, and Sarah Paulson, 44, have crossed paths before despite Lisa recently denying it, and there’s a photo to prove it! The pic, which shows Lisa and Sarah smiling and posing together at what appears to be a party in 2015, resurfaced from an old tweet on Twitter on Oct. 3, and Lisa was one of the first people to comment on it. “Ha…when was that lol?” she asked. In the photo, Sarah can also be seen holding Lisa’s beloved dog, Giggi, and one fan’s response to it, which Lisa retweeted, calls Sarah out for her recent comment about Lisa not being nice to her.

“It sure doesn’t look like LVP isn’t being ‘not that nice’ to you…she doesn’t let just anyone hold her beautiful dogs…perhaps you want to explain your nasty comments about her…or, better yet, tell the truth about your meeting her,” the response read.

In contrast to the fan’s Lisa-approved response, other followers called out Lisa and even called her a “liar” for stating she didn’t know Sarah when the photo says different. “She’s such a liar,” one comment read. “Biatch you got busted!” one meme read while others found humor in the situation. “Too funny! Sarah looked pretty cozy and happy with LVP,” another tweet read.

While it’s certainly possible that Lisa met Sarah briefly and just simply didn’t remember, the old pic definitely got a lot of attention, with added support and criticism on both ends. It all began when Sarah publicly spoke out about Lisa’s departure from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and admitted she won’t miss her on the show in a Vanity Fair interview on Oct. 1. During the interview, she took a lie detector test and opened up about Lisa and the show since she’s a fan of the series.  “I don’t want her coming after me on Twitter, but I won’t miss her,” she explained. “I’ll miss the dynamic she brings to the group, which is the fear of God she instills in everyone, but no I won’t miss her. I met her once at a party and she wasn’t that nice to me. Am I going to get in trouble for that? She wasn’t that nice.”

Lisa soon responded with her now infamous comment about not knowing the talented actress. “I am sorry,not sure I know her and I don’t believe or remember meeting her…I try to be nice to everybody lol,” she tweeted on Oct. 2 in response to a fan talking about Sarah’s interview.

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