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‘This Is Us’ Star Jon Huertas Reveals Season 4 Will Go Back & Explore ‘Right After Jack’s Death’

Jon Huertas spoke with HL EXCLUSIVELY about what's coming up for Miguel in 'This Is Us' season 4. There will be more exploration of Jack and Miguel's friendship as well as the aftermath of Jack's death.

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Jon Huertas
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The This Is Us season 4 premiere gave us a glimpse into the moment when Jack met Miguel. As Jack prepared to meet Rebecca’s parents, he went to a clothing store to buy a suit. Miguel was the salesman, who ended up giving Jack the suit for free and return later. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with cast member Jon Huertas about other time periods we’ll see Miguel pop up in this season. ” I think we’re seeing definitely the past with Jack and seeing Jack and Miguel’s relationship before Rebecca a little bit, “Jon told HollywoodLife at the BAFTA Los Angeles + BBC America Tea Party on Sept. 21. “We’re also definitely seeing what it was like, especially this season, what it was like right after Jack’s death and how it all goes with what the Pearsons are going through. We’re going to see some of that. I don’t know if we’re going to actually see Miguel and Rebecca come together. Maybe we will. Maybe we won’t.”

The start of Miguel and Rebecca’s romantic relationship has yet to be explored. However, the show still has the rest of season 4 and two more seasons to dive deep into that storyline. At the end of season 3, This Is Us was renewed for 3 more seasons. Jon opened up about being able to tell the story of the Pearsons and everyone connected to them in its entirety.

“It’s nice to know that the story will end and be wrapped up,” Jon continued. “Sometimes you’re on a show and it just gets canceled and it doesn’t get a wrap-up. Or they try to rush some kind of weird wrap-up. I think that happened on a show before This Is Us. It’s kind of like when you shoot a movie, you know what the end of the movie is and you work towards getting to that end goal. I have to think about the overall story of my character and how it plays with the Pearson family. It’s nice to know what it is and how we wrap it up. I think we get there with a much more informed kind of view on what are all of our characters are in the story for.”

The season 4 premiere featured a number of new cast members, including Jennifer Morrison, Marsha Stephanie Blake, and Asante Blackk. Blake Stadnik was introduced as Kate and Toby’s adult son, Jack. This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.