Cassie Randolph Responds To Report That Her Feelings For Colton Aren’t As ‘Strong’ As His

In a lengthy Instagram post, Cassie Randolph addressed reports circulating about her relationship with Colton Underwood, and confirmed that the two are still, 'happy in our relationship.'

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Rumors be squashed! Cassie Randolph, 24, took to social media to respond to a report that claimed her feelings for Colton Underwood, 27, aren’t as strong as his are for her. “I just wanted to take this time to be very transparent with you all,” Cassie began her post, which featured screenshots of a note she wrote on her phone in Instagram’s carousel format. “I usually try to ignore any negativity people send my way, and initially wasn’t going to address anything, but I keep receiving dms and messages about current rumors circulating,” she continued. “Colton and I are very happy and our relationship is in a good place. Is our relationship perfect? No, it is very normal with its ups and downs and compromises.” Cassie continued to validate that the two are going strong before wrapping up the second screenshot by saying, “Colton and I are happy in our relationship and taking things at our own pace. At the end of the day, this is about the two of us and our real lives.”

Both Colton and Cassie’s lives have come under major scrutiny due to their rise in fame since their time on The Bachelor, and both have had to make major adjustments as a result. “To be even more transparent, being in such a public relationship comes with its own set of added issues to manage,” Cassie shared. “Our every move together is analyzed and every word is dissected. At times it can feel like our relationship status isn’t just a matter of our own happiness, but other people’s happiness too,” she confessed. Finally, Cassie summarized her post in earnest, writing, “We are together today because we BOTH WANT to be.”

It’s been a wild ride for the couple, who left The Bachelor in one of the most unconventional — and dramatic — exits in the series’ history. The couple left the show, sans engagement, and decided to date and make their relationship work on their own terms. However, off-camera, their relationship has been growing   at their own pace. “We try to be funny with each other and pretend we didn’t meet each other on the show. And give each other our best pickup lines or flirt with each other again. That’s always fun,” Colton told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on Aug. 22. “We’re slowly building more and more trust with each other, building more trust with each other’s families and friends, and really trying to see how we can incorporate each other into our lives better. It’s been great so far.”

Cassie and Colton regularly share their love with the world with some PDA Instagram posts and in person! They were caught smooching on the ACM Awards red carpet in April and are often caught cozying up together while out and about. Colton and Cassie both live in California now, though separately, as they continue to make their relationship as normal as possible given the unconventional circumstances by which they met. Per Cassie’s own words, these two are still going strong with more roses in their future — just not Bachelor roses!

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