Jessie James Decker Reveals Her Inspiring ‘Muse’ Behind Her NYFW Kittenish Show

From structured suits to fringe to animal print, Jessie James Decker's Spring 2020 Kittenish line will have it all! The designer spoke to HL about her inspiration for the collection.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Kittenish

Women can do it all, and Jessie James Decker’s Kittenish has the designs to make sure you look good while doing it! The singer/designer spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview about the upcoming collection after her diverse group of models rocked the runway during NYFW. “My thought process was what would I wear every single day? What would I wear for whatever occasion I have coming up and that’s what we did!” Jessie explained, while rocking one of her newest designs: a bright orange, belted business suit with a lacy black corset. “Obviously, there’s a lot of Southern influences in all the pieces, but there’s also that mom in me that wants to throw on a pair of sweatpants but not want it to look frumpy! So we went with the leopard print on the side of the sweatpants, and we even got fringe on them!”

“I got my boss lady business suit for when it’s time. You know, there is a little something for everybody!” she continued. Something notable on Jessie’s runway were her models, who all brought some extra spunk and diversity to the show! “I was very strategic in the models that I picked,” the “Wanted” singer noted. “I picked girls who I thought represented Kittenish well. Kittenish is the girl next door, it’s your pretty friend in the group that’s funny and silly and makes you feel good and inspires you. That is my thought process and I felt like we did great and every single one of these girls was so sweet, so kind, so professional. That’s what I want. That is what our Kittenish girl is.”

The show opened up with former Miss USA blonde bombshell Sarah Rose Summers working the runway in a wide-sleeved leopard print shirt with fringe black sweats that cinched at the ankle. The pageant queen’s second look was a fan-favorite — a leopard print bodysuit paired with a fluffy light pink jacket. Get in my closet, ASAP! Jessie noted that nothing in the collection is over $100, but the quality is on-point!

Courtesy of Kittenish

“I want these things to be affordable and just because it’s a lower price point, doesn’t mean the quality’s not great. That was important to me to source the best quality but to find a good deal because not everyone can afford couture,” she said. “I don’t even want to pay for that! I’m always shopping on a bargain because I grew up that way so I think about my customer. What is the hard working mom of three doing at home? What can she afford and what does she deserve? She deserves the absolute best so that’s what we did.”

We can’t wait until this Kittenish collection hits the web (and Jessie’s Nashville store!)