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‘Property Brothers’ Star Jonathan Scott Talks Meeting Zooey Deschanel: ‘We Just Clicked’

After HollywoodLife broke the news that Jonathan Scott is dating Zooey Deschanel, we sat down with the 'Property Brothers' star to discuss how he met the 'New Girl' actress.

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Jonathan Scott and Zooey Dechanel “clicked” right away when they first met! After first breaking the news that the Property Brothers star, 41, has started dating the New Girl alum, 39, HollywoodLife got the chance to sit down with him and his brother, Drew Scott, at the Cleo Restaurant in Hollywood, where they opened up about their new book, Builder Brothers: Better Together, and yes, meeting the Deschanel sisters.

As we previously reported, Zooey and her sister, Emily Deschanel, first met the HGTV stars back in August when they were all teamed up together to film Carpool Karaoke. Jonathan admitted that it was somewhat intimidating at first to meet the two actresses. “I will say it was a little bit daunting though because it was the brothers and the sisters, the Deschanel sisters and ourselves. I did not know that they were both professional singers,” he explained to HL EXCLUSIVELY, but he noted that it worked out in the end. “We were laughing – you know the sibling dynamic – I think there’s something with siblings that only other siblings can really understand.”

Jonathan’s brother Drew agreed that it was an interesting dynamic between the foursome. “They have angelic voices. I mean, we like to sing, I think our voices aren’t bad, but then there’s us and then there was them, but together we had so much fun and it was such a nice diverse mix of music as well,” he said.

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The brothers revealed that they had no idea who their partners would be going into filming, though. “They just love the idea of the brothers with sisters kind of a thing. So yeah, ahead of time we didn’t know and we’d never met either of them before, so it was funny that the day we sang on Carpool Karaoke, that’s they very first time that we met either Zooey or Emily,” Jonathan told HL. “It’s sometimes a little weird when you just get thrust on camera with people you’ve never met before but we just clicked.”

“We don’t play a character on our shows. We were just being ourselves and they know that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to have fun. We like to laugh every day. So when we met them, both Zooey and Emily are the exact same way. We just had so much fun,” Drew added.

HollywoodLife broke the news that Zooey and her husband of four years, Jacob Pechenik, had split up “several months ago.” On Sept. 13, HL was first to report that the 500 Days Of Summer star had begun dating Jonathan. “They started out as friends,” our insider told HL. “They’ve been out a few times and seem to want to keep the romance on the quieter side. It’s pretty new still. They seem to like each other a lot and Jonathan travels a lot, but they see one another when they can. They both seem pretty happy and into it so far.“

Filming an episode of Carpool Karaoke and meeting his new girlfriend aren’t the only exciting things going on in Jonathan’s life, though! He and his brother just released their new children’s book, Builder Brothers: Better Together, which is now on sale. “It’s amazing to me how many kids actually watch Property Brothers, love the show. We’ll walk past five-year-olds on the street and they’ll be like, “Mom, dad, it’s the Property Brothers!” And the parents are like, “Who? What?” Kids watch the show on their own,” Drew said about deciding to write books for kids.

“We thought we’d do a little something special for our young fans out there. And when we were kids, we were really pushed towards our passions. Our mom and dad were always supporting us in any way possible and helping us grow our creativity. And that’s what this book is all about,” Jonathan added. “It’s stories from when we were little kids. We did a soapbox derby race and building cars. So this book, it’s a fun read. It’s about good education. And then at the end, there’s a little build project where kids can take a toilet paper roll and make it into a soapbox derby car.”