‘L&HH: Hollywood’ Recap: Lyrica Slaps A1 & Discovers New Texts He Sent Summer Bunni

Lyrica Anderson and A1's drama plot thickened during the Sept. 9 episode of 'L&HH: Hollywood', when she posted a 'thirst trap' on Instagram and saw new texts that he sent Summer Bunni.

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Lyrica Anderson and A1 may had gone on tour together, but that didn’t mean they were anywhere closer to reconciling. And that was proven during the Sept. 9 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, when they had a war of words over their current situation and his cheating scandal. But before we get to their fight, let’s rehash what they said before meeting up with each other. During a spa day with Princess Love, Lyrica revealed, “I’m taking things day by day but the easy comfort I used to have with A1 is gone. Sometimes I just look at him and get mad.” Then, Princess Love asked Lyrica why she posted a half naked photo of herself on Instagram — a picture that A1 described as a “thirst trap” when he came across it with Ray J — but, Lyrica didn’t think it was a big deal. “I was just showing off my waist trainer, girl,” she said. “I had a waist trainer on and I thought it was cute, so I took a little teddy bear and took a cute picture. I mean, what’s the big deal? Girls with kids are still sexy”.

Then, Lyrica told Princess Love how she felt about A1 after going on tour with him. “We showed up to the ‘Hollywood Unlocked’ showcase together. I was performing and I’m smiling for the fans and the audience, but deep down inside I’m looking at him like, ‘What are we even doing?’ You know what I’m saying? I feel differently now. Maybe we’re just not for each other anymore. A1 has a big heart — he’s a good person — but he’s just… I think he got caught up in this world of like, ‘I’m traveling. I’m touring. I got girls throwing themselves at me.’ You get attention that you’ve never had before. But it’s like, what [he’s] not telling is how many times [he’s cheated]. There’s more than just Summer [Bunni] that he’s slept with while I was pregnant.” Yikes!

During a private confessional, Lyrica further explained, “I’ve dealt with infidelity issues with A1 our whole relationship. This time mattered the most because we did just renew our vows, and we had sat down and had this deep talk about saving our relationship, and trust, and being better towards one another. So I really was surprised that this came up again.” And now, she said, “I feel more done” with him than ever before.

Meanwhile, when Lyrica returned to the house she shares with A1, she overheard him talking to his mom about her “thirst trap” picture on Instagram, and it infuriated her. Why would they be talking about her picture behind her back, as though she wasn’t in the same house as them? That’s what she wondered, so she barged into the kitchen and said, “Let’s talk about you on FaceTime with [Summer Bunni].” But A1’s mom was quick to defend him, saying, “Men do stuff because of women.” Basically, she was blaming Lyrica for A1’s infidelity, so that angered Lyrica even more and she ended up slapping A1 in the face. Then, she decided to leave the house, and while she was packing her suitcase, she saw Summer Bunni talking about her during an Instagram live video. Apparently, A1 had recently texted Summer Bunni — or at least, they were texts that Lyrica never saw before. She became so mad that she stormed out of the house with her suitcase in tow. Could this finally be the end of A1 and Lyrica? Only time will tell.

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