Laurie Hernandez Hopes To ‘Inspire’ Kids With New Show & Talks 2020 Olympics: ‘I’m In Full Training Mode’

Laurie Hernandez is a gymnast, Olympic gold medalist, and the youngest-ever 'DWTS' champion, but now she's lending her voice as Valeria in Nickelodeon's 'Middle School Moguls'!

Laurie Hernandez 'Middle School Moguls'
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Laurie Hernandez is currently training for the 2020 Olympics. But this 19-year-old gymnast has a full plate as she’s also been busy lending her voice on Nickelodeon’s Middle School Moguls. Laurie’s character Valeria, is a budding sports gear innovator in the upcoming series and she sat down with HollywoodLife to dish EXCLUSIVELY on her latest venture. “Middle School Moguls is about four new friends that have met each other and they’re trying to create their own company at a place called Mogul Academy,” Laurie explained. “It kind of helps them hone in on everything they’re passionate about.”

“My character, Valeria, who mostly goes by Val is also an athlete, which is a funny coincidence,” Laurie continued. “She basically creates something and this little mogul school recruiter recruits her to come to Mogul Academy for the summer to try and create her own company, and she gets to meet a bunch of awesome people along the way.” We asked the Olympic gold medalist why this role was the perfect fit for her. “There were a lot of things that really drew me in. I think also, you know, especially the fact that Val comes from a Hispanic background, she’s with her dad and she gets to do something that she’s passionate about and her dad really encourages her with that and he wants to help her with it,” Laurie said. “Also the fact that she’s, like, a little business lady, even though she’s in middle school! She likes to create her own craft and she wants it to be something more, so I like that kids are going to be able to watch someone create something and I hope they get inspired to try something new.”

The Dancing With the Stars champion has also been busy gearing up for the 2020 Olympics and is in “full training mode.” “I’m training six days a week, about five hours a day, and right now, we’re just trying to get everything together so that we can hopefully start competing early next year,” Laurie explained. When it comes to how this multi-talented star juggles it all she said, “I mean, it definitely is tough juggling everything, but these are all things that I’m passionate about, so I’m so happy to be busy, and I’m so blessed to be busy. I’m just excited!”

Laurie Hernandez in Nickelodeon's 'Middle School Moguls'
Laurie Hernandez lends her voice as Valeria in Nickelodeon’s ‘Middle School Moguls’

“Whether that’s doing something in the entertainment world or especially being able to do something like Middle School Moguls, gymnastics has always been a passion of mine, and now I get to do them all at the same time,” Laurie continued. “So of course, making time for myself is really important and making sure that I have all the self-care stuff outside of practice, physical therapy and meeting with my nutritionist and all those things, because the Olympics is right around the corner. But that doesn’t mean anything fun has to stop!”

Tune in to the four half hour specials of Nickelodeon’s Middle School Moguls on Sundays at 11 a.m. (ET/PT)

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