‘RHOC’: Tamra Judge Disses Kelly Dodd As ‘An Angry Person’ — She’s ‘Not Stable’

Tamra Judge confessed that she doesn't know what's at 'the core' of her and Kelly Dodd's fallout. However, she did predict the future of this friendship in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife!

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Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd
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Tamra Judge, 52, came up with a theory to explain why Kelly Dodd, 52, has been throwing shade this past month. The blonde beauty stopped by HollywoodLife’s office in Los Angeles to promote her new CBD product company, Vena Wellness, with husband Eddie Judge and EXCLUSIVELY told us about her current relationship with Kelly. “I don’t even know what the core is to be honest with you,” Tamra said of her fallout with Kelly. The ladies appeared amicable enough when The Real Housewives of Orange County aired its premiere on Aug. 6 (by the next day, Kelly blasted Tamra as “stale” in a separate interview with HollywoodLife). If you’re confused, so is Tamra.
“I don’t know, I left to go on vacation with my husband for like two days, just get out of town without cameras, and I came back to a major s**t storm where she tried to turn everybody against me and it didn’t work…At first I’m like, ‘What happened? What did I do?’ Because she was sending me nasty text messages when I was on vacation, like nasty. I mean, she’s just vile,” Tamra explained. She even admitted the messages “devastated” her, since she believed they were on “good” terms. Now, Tamra is chalking up Kelly’s attitude to one hypothesis: “I think she’s just an angry person.” Elaborating on that point, Tamra added, “She’s not stable. She’s like Brandi Glanville.” Ouch. But Tamra claimed that she’s not the only on the cast who thinks that.

“She’s called me everything,” Tamra said of Kelly’s shade online. “I think that you can call me whatever you want, like if that’s your thing, go ahead. But don’t talk about my kids, and don’t talk about my husband. I would never. I would never. It’s just a classless thing to do.” In our interview with Kelly, the Bravo star made a bold claim about Tamra’s home life: “[Tamra] can’t really feature her kids, she really is not doing anything with their lives.” But Tamra’s not too bothered by the unwelcome remarks, since she told HollywoodLife, “At this point the whole cast expects it because she’s just not stable.”

The feud is still raging on, since Tamra revealed that she hasn’t spoken with Kelly since the season finale! When asked if they could be friends again, Tamra was doubtful: “Yeah, I don’t know about that.” But Kelly had an even more definitive answer, since she EXCLUSIVELY told us that they’ll “absolutely” never be friends again. It has been a wild past few weeks — Kelly appeared to pick a fight with Tamra after mocking her new Coto de Caza home on Aug. 7, which led to a Twitter war!