‘RHOC’ Recap: A Warrant Is Issued For Gina’s Arrest & Braunwyn Gets Caught In A Lie

After Gina missed her court appearance, during the Sept. 3 episode of 'RHOC', a warrant was issued for her arrest. Plus, Tamra discovered that Braunwyn was talking to Gretchen behind her back.

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The Sept. 3 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County was titled “Liar, Liar, Friendships On Fire”, and nothing could have been closer to the truth. Not only did Tamra confront Braunwyn, when she found out that Braunwyn was going behind her back and communicating with her enemies (Gretchen and Lizzie), but Gina also finally came clean about a secret she was keeping. It all started when the ladies’ trip to Beverly Hills continued with Shannon surprising everyone with a double decker tour bus ride through Hollywood. And once they stopped at a bar along Hollywood Boulevard, Braunwyn told Tamra that former RHOC stars Gretchen and Lizzie had recently reached out to her. Obviously, this angered Tamra since they’re her enemies and started spreading rumors about Tamra’s husband, Eddie, being gay, but what infuriated her even more was when Emily later told the group that Braunwyn was the one to reach out to them.

Braunwyn denied being the first one to reach out, but Emily had texts that proved otherwise. Emily is actually friends with Lizzie, so Lizzie had sent her the texts from Braunwyn, and when Tamra read them, she became extremely upset. She basically called Braunwyn a liar and then Braunwyn escaped to the front of the bus to cry. Tamra couldn’t stand seeing her so upset, though, so Tamra joined Braunwyn at the front of the bus and told her why she was so upset. They even hugged it out, but later in the episode, Tamra told Shannon that she was still confused by Braunwyn’s behavior.

Once they met up with Braunwyn for a hip hop dance class, however, Braunwyn gave the girls some insight as to why she acts the way that she does. Apparently, she had a pretty unconventional childhood, so she’s not used to people calling her out on her bulls***. But as her mom said, she needs that in her life and these girls might end up being the best friends she could have ever asked for. Anyway, Braunwyn apologized again for lying to them, as she didn’t know Tamra had beef with Gretchen and Lizzie, and Tamra and Shannon seemed to accept her apology.

Meanwhile, Gina missed her court appearance, so a judge issued a warrant for her arrest. But she didn’t purposely miss her court appearance — her attorney had applied for a later court date, and he didn’t realize that it got denied, so it was an accident that Gina missed her appearance. In turn, Gina called up another attorney and got the warrant taken away. It also gave her an opportunity to come clean to Shannon — since Shannon was the one who referred her to the new attorney — about her ex having an affair. Shannon apologized about not knowing of the affair, and they hugged it out.

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