Brooke Burke, 47, Reveals How To Get Toned Abs Like She Has With Her New App

Brooke Burke still has the body of a fitness model -- even after having 4 kids. She shares her secrets to staying in top shape and getting those enviable abs at any age.

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Brooke Burke Fitness App
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Brooke Burke, 47, is truly the definition of ageless beauty. It’s clear the former DWTS host was blessed with killer genetics but she also puts in serious “sweat equity” as a form of self-care. She’s even got her own fitness app — Brooke Burke Body. The TV host-turned fitness mogul shared her top health tips EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife while promoting the newest addition to her wellness routine, Persona Nutrition.
“I think people need to listen to their body and set realistic and reasonable goals,” Brooke told us. “They need to start with something, something is better than nothing which is why I have a short five minute to eight minute workouts on my app. I think it is important for people to understand the value of making personal sacrifices and allowing themselves to keep them and carve out time for self care. As women we do it for our families, for our kids and then we have guilt associated for taking care of ourselves and one of the reasons when I designed the program within my app and to make them short and specific, it allowed me to have people carve out time and get things done. I always tell women do something, start small and set reasonable goals and stick to it because you will feel better and it will put you in a good mood. The more you work out the better you are going to feel.”
It’s no shock that Brooke has a lot of body confidence. Earlier this year so wowed the world with a stunning nude pic on Instagram. But, what is surprising — she says it didn’t just come naturally for her.  “I think body confidence and positive body image comes from a very deep place. I believe in positive inner dialogue. I worked really hard at it. I have four kids and I believe in sweat equity so for me it is, I put it out there to show women that they can get fit and stay fit at any age in each stage of their life. I do believe women celebrate other women and one of the things that is important with my app is the community and the support there. And I think that is inspirational for women.”
Brooke Burke Fitness App
Brooke also talked about her diet with us and revealed that while she generally eats a clean diet, she also allows herself plenty of “splurges” and believes that cheat meals are a must. “I think everything in moderation is one of the reasons I live such a disciplined life because I believe that, to do that along the way. I choose to do more healthy carbs but I will do pizza and have it with olive oil or I will have pasta. I am not a big dessert person but I do love to splurge on carbs. I think people need to hear that and give themselves a forum to do that or you are just craving and your body is asking for that kind of thing. So cheating along the way is OK. Just design a healthy lifestyle around it. Its all about completing your goals in moderation. All the more reason I teamed with Persona Nutrition. They really believe in reaching your wellness goals and having confidence in the supplements taken to reach those goals. The personalized vitamin packs really support me in achieving optimal health and I encourage people looking to support or change their lifestyle to take their online assessment and see for themselves.”