Kim Kardashian Appears To Have 6 Toes In Fragrance Promo Pic With Kylie Jenner & Fans Freak

Kim Kardashian, is that a 6th toe in your new fragrance ad? Fans are going wild on social media after seeing what they believe is an extra toe on Kim's left foot in her new lip perfume ad with Kylie Jenner! And, the proof just may be in this photo...

Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner
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Did someone forget to remove an extra toe? — Kim Kardashian may have just fallen victim to the dreaded photoshop fail in her new fragrance ad with little sis, Kylie Jenner. Kim, 38, took to Instagram on Monday, to share a full length photo [SEEN HERE] with Kylie, 22, from their latest lip perfume ad, when eagle-eye fans noticed something out of the ordinary — Kim’s apparent sixth toe. No, this isn’t a joke.

In the photo, both sisters are wearing curvy-hugging bodysuits with a cut-out on one leg. Kim is dressed in a powder blue bodysuit with a left-leg cut-out, while Kylie is pictured in a purple bodysuit with the opposite leg bare. Kylie’s right foot is visible, as seen through her clear heels, as is Kim’s left foot in a flip flop heel. And, if you zoom in (like one fan did in the below photo), you’ll notice that Kim appears to have a sixth pinky toe.

“Does @KimKardashian really have 6 toes…?”, one fan tweeted. Another clearly shocked fan added, “Bro Kim Kardashian has had 6 toes this whole fucking time and nobody has blown up about it?????? WHAT THE F–K!” One student, who was supposed to be focused on her schoolwork, was too distracted by the photo to do so. “Today I was supposed to be studying but instead I found out that Kim Kardashian has 6 toes on her foot,” the student tweeted. The confused messages continue to flood Twitter on Tuesday, with many fans begging Kim to address the mystery surrounding her alleged sixth toe.

(Photo credit: Twitter / @jordanwashere2)

Unfortunately for curious fans, Kim has yet to speak out about the toe controversy. Instead, she’s continuing to promote the line of lip perfume under her beauty brand, KKW, which launches on Friday August 23.

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