Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott: If They Split, She May Have To Pay Him Child Support — Lawyer Explains

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are the picture of bliss. But if they ever broke up, she could wind up paying the wildly successful musician child support for their daughter Stormi.

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Travis Scott loves to call partner Kylie Jenner “wifey” and even though the two aren’t married, their relationship is more solid than ever after taking a family trip to Italy for her 22nd birthday along with their precious 18-month-old daughter Stormi Webster. But should they ever split up, Kylie’s billionaire status puts her at risk for possibly having to pay the “Sicko Mode” rapper child support, even if she ends up spending the most time with Stormi.

“Travis can ask for child support and since his income is significantly lower than Kylie’s, even though she may have more custodial time. It’s certainly possible that Kylie could even be paying Travis child support even if she has more time, she’s very susceptible,”  David T. Pisarra, a California Family Law Attorney explains EXCLUSIVELY to

“The reason for that is because the courts want the child to be in equivalent homes so that they’re not going from two completely different ‘rags to riches’ experiences,” David tells us. Luckily for Stormi, both of her parents areKylie Jenner Travis Scott Child Supportself-made and independently wealthy from each other so she will likely never be put in a “rags” position. Kylie’s cosmetics company is worth over a billion dollars and she is still expanding her brand. Meanwhile, Travis is one of the most celebrated rap artists around, as his 2018 album Astroworld was a number one smash and he followed it up with a lucrative and sold-out concert tour.

If Kylie and Travis do get married one day, David tells us the 28-year-old musician could be entitled to half of everything she makes during their marriage unless she gets a good prenup beforehand. “Absolutely he would be entitled, but there is zero chance of that happening though. I’m sure Kylie has an army of lawyers around to her to protect of anything like that from ever happening.” With momager Kris Jenner, 63, overseeing Kylie’s career and financial moves from day one, there’s no chance she would ever end up in a position to lose any of her fortune.

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