‘Love After Lockup’ Premiere Preview: Meet Season 2’s Newest Couple Cheryl & Josh — Watch

'Love After Lockup' is back with all-new season 2 episodes and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview introducing the newest couple, Cheryl and Josh.

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Cheryl, 30, is a mother-of-three from Kingsland, Texas. She dreams of a glamorous life but her friends and family don’t think that’s in the cards for her. In our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Love After Lockup premiere, her sister asks Cheryl about her new boyfriend, Josh. He’s up for parole soon after he was imprisoned for robbing a bank. “They’re making a big deal out of nothing,” she tells her sister.

She reveals that she came across Josh while doing research for a school report on serial killers. “Most people don’t know my obsession with serial killers,” she admits. “Because, usually, if I do tell someone I get this crazy from ’em.” While doing a Google image search, she found Josh’s picture. Her first thought? “This guy has gotta be perfect.”

Cheryl wrote him a letter and he wrote her back. In the letter, he said he was going to “put a baby” in her. She’s visited Josh 10 times since they’ve met, so things are getting serious. Her sister is naturally a bit concerned about Cheryl’s new relationship. She asks Cheryl if she thinks Josh will ever steal from her. “He’s stolen from the community,” Cheryl sais. “He’s stolen from drug dealers. He don’t steal from the people He loves. he steals from the people he thinks deserve it.” Cheryl’s sister is not convinced Cheryl is making the right decision.

The synopsis for the Aug. 16 episode of the show reads: “Dad fears felon fiancé but Lacey is keeping a surprising secret. Cheryl shocks sister when she drops $30K on inmate. Vince spills his fiancé is part of a mother-daughter crime duo & plans to meet her at release. Andrea’s revelation stuns sisters.” Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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