NeNe Leakes Admits She Took Medication For Depression During Husband’s Cancer Battle

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL, NeNe Leakes opens up about struggling with depression while balancing life as a full-time caretaker to her husband, Gregg as he faced, a battle with cancer.

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Many fans of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta know NeNe Leakes, 51, for her big personality and opinions, but she’s been dealing with a lot of personal turmoil behind the scenes amidst her husband Gregg Leakes’, battle with stage 3 colon cancer, which lasted from June 2018 until he was officially in remission in May 2019. Taking care of Gregg turned into NeNe’s full-time job, and it began wearing on her so heavily, that she too was battling….mentally. “It was such a hard time,” NeNe told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, of taking care of Gregg around the clock. “Being a care taker and doing something like caring for someone with cancer for the first time in my life, then to have to be the bread winner for everything, it’s a lot. The overseer of everything in our life, it was a lot of pressure and it really did feel like depression.”

Rather than sit back and let it ride its course, NeNe decided to take matters into her own hands and educate herself as to why she wasn’t feeling like her usual self. She said she quickly made an appointment with her doctors to get to the bottom of the situation. “I don’t really know what depression is, but I was speaking to my OBGYN and I was telling her a lot about how I felt and she said, “I think that you’re going through a depression,” and I didn’t really know what a depression felt like except for what anyone said,” NeNe, who’s also an American Cancer Society ambassador which played integral role in offering the couple  resources and support, explained. “And so I started reading about it and learned things about myself that I saw in me. She gave me some medication and it really worked and it helped me out a lot. I don’t think I really understood how serious that was for us and how much pressure I had on me.”

Now, months later, NeNe and Gregg are both doing better than ever, with Gregg cancer free and NeNe on her own personal health journey — she has recently lost 12 pounds and is looking better than ever! “We are doing well,” NeNe said of her marriage. “Gregg looks so amazing. He’s doing so good. He did a PET scan and they see no cancer in his body anywhere. That was a blessing and we’re super excited about that. Every day is a new day and every day is a step in the right direction. We’ve been able to communicate a lot better with each other.”

We are so happy both NeNe and Gregg are healthier and happier than ever after having what sounds like a very tough year!

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