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Bella Thorne & Ex Mod Sun Get Into Fight Over Twitter After Release Of Fake Wedding Video: ‘You Just Keep Lying’

Exes Bella Thorne and Mod Sun are in a Twitter tiff after he accused her of releasing their fake wedding video to promote her new book. But, Bella's got the text evidence of her asking his permission to post the video for her book. Now, she's calling him a liar.

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Bella Thorne & Mod Sun
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Bella Thorne and Mod Sun are not the friendliest of exes at the moment. The actress, 21, and rapper, 32, are going at it on Twitter over a video that shows them getting married. However, the ceremony wasn’t real, Bella says. And, Mod claims otherwise. It all started when Bella shared the video to promote her new book, “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray” — a collection of poems that chronicles her personal struggles, relationships, and wild-child lifestyle, all with her trademark wit and wisdom, the description reads.

After she shared the video, Mod took to Twitter, where he accused Bella of using the video for the wrong intentions. “Seriously…..don’t use our wedding video to promote ur book,” he tweeted. “Don’t disrespect my idea of what love is…if u were faking it that day then u really are an amazing actress. Stop being intentionally hurtful to people healing,” Mod wrote.

Bella replied on Twitter with a series of screenshot text messages that show her asking for his permission to use the video for her book. “After we broke up, U just keep lying and u won’t stop, I was trying to remember how beautiful we were sad. V sad u brought us to this,” Bella wrote in a tweet alongside the screen-grabs of their texts.

Mod hit back and claimed that the texts Bella shared online were from May, when they were “still trying to work things out,” after splitting that April. He claimed that while he gave Bella permission to share the video in May, he was surprised that she shared it now, in August. Mod also seemed to imply that their marriage was real, despite Bella noting on Instagram that it was fake and just a “Birthday present” that he wanted.

“That text was MAY 2 when we were still trying to work things out..look at what ensued after that. I said u could THEN + I’m shocked u did NOW,” Mod tweeted alongside a screenshot of their text conversation from May, as well as a screen-grab of Bella claiming the marriage was fake. “What I think is disgusting is ur PS remark where u lied + discredited our entire marriage in one sentence. I haven’t lied once u know it,” he continued.

Bella and Mod split in April after more than a year of dating. She has since moved on with Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo. The two were first spotted together in April, just days after Bella announced her split from Mod on Instagram.