‘Euphoria’s Algee Smith Reveals His Thoughts On McKay & Cassie’s Future After Riveting Finale

'Euphoria's first season featured many relationships up in the air. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Algee Smith about relating to McKay, McKay's future with Cassie, music collabs, and more.

Algee Smith
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Algee Smith, 24, is one of the many talented young actors starring on Euphoria. Algee plays Christopher McKay, a college football player struggling to find his place and contemplating his future. At the end of season 1, McKay’s girlfriend Cassie discovered she was pregnant. McKay was vocal about Cassie getting an abortion and she ended up deciding to end the pregnancy. Their relationship’s future seems a bit unclear, but Algee doesn’t think all hope is lost for McKay and Cassie.

“I think they could [have a solid relationship in the future],” Algee told HollywoodLife at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood event on Aug. 6. “With a real relationship, it’s all in the communication, all in figuring out each other, figuring if you work with each other. As far as our TV show, you never know because the writers are so crazy so it may go a completely different way than we think.”

Communication was a big issue for McKay over the course of the first season. There was just something constantly holding him back from expressing how he really feels. Exploring the complexities of McKay made Algee realize how he connected to the character. He revealed the aspects of McKay that he related to the most. “I think it probably has to be the father-son dynamic,” Algee said. “Not in a sense where I can’t communicate with my father, but you just want to make your father so proud in life, in anything you want to do, and when you feel like you’re failing in that sometimes you feel like you’re letting your support system down. So, I can relate to that, and also just being vulnerable as a young man in a relationship with a young woman and being able to talk and communicate because we see that’s McKay’s problem because he doesn’t know how to really say what he really means a lot of times.”

The HBO teen drama has already been renewed for season 2. Algee has some thoughts on where he’d like to see McKay go in future episodes. “I just want to get more depth on McKay, see how far they can go, see where his relationship with Nate is since that’s changed,” Algee continued. “Nate’s been his best friend for a while, and he just figured out all this crazy stuff about him, so I want to see where we can take him. It’s a roller coaster from here.”

The show also features incredible music and the first season was scored by Labrinth, 30. Drake, 32, is an executive producer on the show. Algee is totally down to collaborate with Labrinth on something and would love to be part of the soundtrack for season 2. “So me and Labrinth are already talking about getting in the studio,” Algee revealed. “I really want to be involved with the soundtrack in season two so I’m inserting myself a lot, putting myself in there, but Labrinth is a big influence of mine so I can’t wait to get in with him.” He would “for sure” want to collaborate with Drake as well and “hope’s he’s in the second season. That’d be cool. That’d be crazy.”

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