Brandi Glanville Goes Off On Camille Grammer In Heated Rant: ‘Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth’

Brandi Glanville went on a Twitter tirade about Camille Grammer on Aug. 5, and it wasn't pretty. Brandi warned Camille that although she didn't start their feud, she will 'finish' it if Camille 'continues' to talk about her online!

Brandi Glanville & Camille Grammer
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Brandi Glanville loves a good “Drinking and Tweeting” session, as noted in her 2013 book. And, she didn’t hold back when she sent a multitude of fiery tweets at and about Camille Grammer to her fans on August 5. After Brandi, 46, came across an article that featured a comment by Camille, 50, about her, she went off on Twitter. The comment? — Camille replied “I agree” to a fan tweet that read, “I doubt Kyle [Richards] she has really had a change of heart. She’s only bringing Brandi around to irritate Lvp [Lisa Vanderpump].

“Hey @TheRealCamilleG, LBC [Brandi terminology for, ‘let’s be clear’] @KyleRichards did not bring me on the show this season I met & absolutely adore @DENISE_RICHARDS. I run into @KyleRichards in “REAL LIFE” all the time because we are neighbors. Get off the fucking internet & go have sex with your new husband,” Brandi first tweeted.

After fans started to support Brandi’s rant, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star began replying to the praise, adding more digs at Camille. “If I just got re-married Id be home with my man FN like a bunny and not on twitter fighting other peoples battles! I don’t have a phone until tomorrow or Id be on it right now getting it fucking sorted,” she wrote back to a fan. Camille married her longtime boyfriend David C. Meyer in Hawaii in October 2018.

Brandi continued to tweet about Camille, adding that “she needs to get off the internet & ‘get off’ in real life. I’m calling her as soon as I get my phone back tomorrow. Don’t come for me b–ch,” she tweeted.

In another tweet, Brandi wrote, “I did not start this with you @TheRealCamilleG, but LBC I will finish it if you continue. Keep me out of your mouth put something of your husbands in it. FOR REALZ THO!!! Why are doing this???”

When a fan replied to Brandi, noting that “the girls are fighting,” the reality star accused Camille of having a split personality. ” Yes the 2 personalities that @TheRealCamilleG seems to have,” Brandi wrote. “Not me & not anyone else to be honest but bitch needs to leave me out of her “tweets” WTF involve me??”

Another fan tweeted at Brandi and said “I’m real confused. I see nothing online from Camille regarding you. Is she DM’ing you or something?” That’s when Brandi replied with, “I’m so utterly confused as I offered to be a witness in @TheRealCamilleG court case etc etc… Im on high alert so maybe its on me ;) oh well nice to engage almost a decade later”.

Fans continued to asked “what happened,” as Brandi’s Twitter fingers kept on typing. “Involving my name & making up a fake story she clearly gave to a blog to come for me. Wrong b–ch,” Brandi said about the article she had read about Camille.

In another reply to a fan, Brandi wrote, ” @TheRealCamilleG you need to PAH-LEEZ leave me out of your tweets…for your own sake”.

After all of the tweets she fired off, Brandi admitted, “I actually have tried very hard to stay out of this”. She continued, “I still don’t quite get when you have a 40 million dollars settlement and a hot new husband how you have time tweet so much :) Im lover honestly not sure why she Is poking the bear”.

Fans of Brandi will know that she recently accused Lisa Vanderpump of giving Camille a “script” to follow during the RHOBH season 9 reunion. Lisa and Camille have both denied her claim.

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