Van Jones Raves That Kim Kardashian Is ‘Tough As Nails’ & Urges More Stars To ‘Speak Up’ Like She Does

Kim K means business! No one knows that better than CNN'S Van Jones, who much like Kim, is fiercely fighting for criminal justice reform.

Van Jones Raves Over Kim Kardashian
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It might have initially came as a surprise when Kim Kardashian, 38, arose as one of the key celebrities using their platform in support of criminal justice reform, but she’s proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with. So much so — that Van Jones, 50, one of the driving forces behind fixing America’s broken prison system, has taken notice. The host of CNN’s The Van Jones Show raved over Kim’s ongoing advocacy when he attended the August 1 premiere of Free Meek in New York City. “I love Kim Kardashian. I’ve got a chance to work with her side by side literally from the jail house to the White House,” he told HollywoodLife. “She is sincere. She is tough as nails. She is very good advocate and more people like Kim should speak up,” Jones said of the reality star.

Jones went on to say that he’s happy to see U.S. President Donald Trump take a stand as well, especially when it came to rapper A$AP Rocky’s incarceration in Sweden last month. While he might not always see eye-to-eye with the President, he thinks Trumps actions have been “positive” in regards to criminal justice reform. “Look, I haven’t talked to the president about A$AP’s case, but listen, Trump has spoken out and done things about other cases as well, so it didn’t surprise me when he spoke out. The reality is, unfortunately, he doesn’t have a lot of control over that legal system, so we’re just going to continue to push Trump to do more for this legal system to do a better job. But listen, when Trump speaks out in a positive way, I say, good. Kim Kardashian, good. Let’s be glad when people do the right thing, great. Hit them when they’re wrong, but support them when they’re right,” he remarked. Just one day after speaking with Jones on Aug. 1, A$AP was released from Swedish prison and allowed to return to the U.S.

Jones was also sure to share how people at home who may not be in the spotlight, can make a difference too. “Well, one thing that everybody should do is go to, that’s the organization that Meek Mill and Michael Rubin have started. I’m the CEO of that organization and we’re fighting to make sure this never happens to anybody else. We need people to sign up. We need people to get involved. We’re not asking for money, we’re just asking for your voice and for your commitment.”
Van Jones Kim Kardashian
REX/Shutterstock — Van Jones and Kim Kardashian at the 2018 at the Rolling Stone & Variety Criminal Justice Reform Summit
Following the premiere of Free Meek, which chronicles the rapper’s fight for exoneration, Jones shared a moment from the red carpet to his Twitter account. “The smiles say it all. This is progress. The #FreeMeek story is just the start of a movement to get millions out of a broken system,” he wrote

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