Mayim Bialik Applauded For Sharing ‘Powerful’ Story Of People Rubbing ‘Nazi’ Off NYC Subway Seat

Mayim Bialik witnessed the worst and the best of the NYC subway at once, she shared on Instagram, after seeing strangers band together to erase the word 'nazi' from a seat.

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Mayim Bialik
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As truly awful as the New York City subway system is, sometimes you see something that brings the best of humanity together. The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik witnessed just that when she brought her two sons, 10-year-old Frederick Stone and 13-year-old Miles Stone, on a trip to NYC. When the boys noticed someone had graffitied the word “nazi” on the seat next to them, kind strangers made sure the hate speech couldn’t hurt anyone else.

“While in NYC for the #FortniteWorldCup this past weekend, something truly amazing happened on the subway,” Mayim, who played Amy on The Big Bang Theory, explained in a July 30 Instagram post. “Someone had written the word “Nazi” on a seat. My boys noticed it. But so did the other passengers. They took out some hand sanitizer and began removing the marking. THIS is America. It was a very powerful moment of unity and understanding, and I’m grateful that my boys got to witness it in action. ❤️Also, yes, I ride the subway with my kids. The most dangerous thing about it is wearing a Yankees hat into Queens 😂”

Mayim’s fans were overwhelmed by the story, and thanked her for sharing her experience on Instagram, as well as her sons for pointing out the graffiti. “Thank you for sharing. This really is America. I feel like these acts of kindness happen all the time. We need to share these more. Sending ❤️,” a fan wrote in the comments section. Another commented, “👏👏👏👏 Everyone can do their part to eradicate hatred. Thank you to your boys for doing theirs!” And a commenter wrote, “You are an Awesome person!!! And what Wonderful boys you have…Great jobs raising your kids😊😊😊👏👏👏❤❤”.

Mayim’s post inspired followers to share their own experiences. “The city that I live in has a local Nazi group that owns a tattoo shop & openly tattoos people with certain symbols,” a fan shared. “I belong to a group that is constantly trying to get them shut down + removing their hate posters and stickers. It’s infuriating. It makes me happy though to hear of people coming together to take action.”