‘AGT’ Recap: Ellie Kemper Gives Her Golden Buzzer To Light Balance Kids After Insane Performance

It's the 'America's Got Talent' Judge Cuts and Ellie Kemper's Golden Buzzer is a must-see!

Judge Cuts are back this week on America’s Got Talent and this week’s guest judge in ts the incredible actress and comedian, Ellie Kemper! There are 18 acts and only 7 out of the 18 are chosen to go to the live show at the Dolby Theater, so this is a big night! First up was Greg Morton, a 60-year-old comedian, who revealed he’s been working to make it big for 40 years. In his first audition, Greg broke into tears after receiving a standing ovation from the judges following his act where he went through Star Wars impressions. Tonight, Greg shared some of his favorite movie moments, reenacting dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, ET, Back To The Future, Batman, and more! He received yet another standing O and the judges were filled with compliments, especially from Howie Mandel, who Greg impersonated in the act.

Background singer Carmen Carter, 55, took the stage next, ready to take her shot in the spotlight! Dressed in red, she performed a soulful version of “Come Together” by The Beatles, but not before getting the audience on their feet! Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union and Ellie were on their feet throughout the song clapping along, especially when Carmen hit that high note at the end! Simon Cowell told Carmen that “she can’t keep doing covers,” but other judges really enjoyed her performance!

Illusionist Nicholas Wallace used host Terry Crews for his next stunning feat, but the judges were immediately unimpressed and even bored. The same went for Lukas and Falco, the dog and man dancer. But, next up to work up the crowd was tambourine player Master Gonzo, who did traditional Karate to play the tambourine. While he started off a tad slow, Gono picked up the pace with some exotic dance moves! Howie Mandel loved the performance, while Gabrielle told him that she missed his nakedness this time around. LOL.

Female dance group Revolution, performed next and were ready to deliver another groundbreaking performance with their drums and props! With whips, screams and energy, the ladies were fierce and Simon told them it was a step up from their audition.

Next, Polish guitarist Marcin Patrzalek impressed the judges with his quick fingers on the guitar. “You did not disappoint young man! Way to go!” Gabrielle responded to his talent. Simon also went on to tell him he was one of the “the best musicians he’s ever heard.”

Young singer from South Carolina, Ansley Burns, 12, belted out Carrie Underwood‘s “Good Girl,” however Simon stopped her once more as he did in her first audition. The judge didn’t like her backtrack and felt it was pushing her out of key. Ansley returned to her song acapalla and crushed it once again, and the judges were loving it!

Ukrainian-based dance crew that’s similar to AGT finalists Light Balance, the Light Balance Kids, were up next. After suiting up, they showed off their talent with intense LED technology that was so cool. They created a huge robot and basketball game with their lighting techniques and it was so cool. The Light Balance Kids even simulated a dunk, which was epic! The judges of course loved it and Ellie Kemper even said “I want more!” So much so, she wanted to guarantee Light Balance Kids a sure-fire way to get to the Live Show and gave them her Golden Buzzer!

The lovely ladies of Stephanie’s Child sang “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato, and after some banter with Simon Cowell, they delivered some absolute slay-age! They switched it up to Demi’s “Confident,” but received an X from Simon in the middle of the performance! However, the other judges said they’d fight for the ladies to make it to the top 7!

Nick and Lindsay from New Orleans returned to perform another operatic, life-threatening act! With Lindsay on the violin and Nick singing opera while putting razors down his throat, the pair definitely stepped it up a notch this week! Nick laid on a bed nails with a cinderblock on his stomach, while a blindfolded Lindsay lit a hammer on fire and broke the block in half. “I’m here for it!” exclaimed Julianne.

84-year-old Edson and Leon are a fan-favorite duo, who dressed as the characters from Up for an adorable performance! The Brazilian besties showed off their incredible strength, while holding the iconic Up balloons! The pair balanced on each other and used insane abdominal strength and balance to achieve it all. The judges loved the performance, and were all smiles following the act, with Simon saying “This is what America’s Got Talent is all about!”

Melissa Arleth, a rat handler, performed an obstacle, and while it got off to a slow start, the little rat traveled through an NYC cityscape. It was a little bit of a mess as the rat left her handler hanging literally upside down while she waited to come down a ladder. In the end, Melissa and her rat delivered an interesting performance.

The final act of the night was MacKenzie, who brought it home with a soulful, chill-worthy performance of “Faithfully” by Journey. The 31-year-old singer who suffered a vocal hemorrhage that almost left him without a voice delivered a stunning rendition of the song beautifully, hitting several high and long notes. Way to end on a high note! Mackenzie received a standing O from the crowd and judges, and Simon told him he was “the best singer they’ve had tonight!”

In the end, the Top 6 going to the Live Shows at the Dolby were comedian Greg Morton, guitarist Marcin Patrzalek, singers MacKenzie and Carmen Carter, operatic knife throwers Nick and Lindsay, and finally, aster Gonzo! They will, of course, be joined by The Light Balance Kids, who received Ellie’s Golden Buzzer!

Next week, Jay Leno joins the judges on America’s Got Talent, Tuesday at 10 PM ET!

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