‘The Hills’: Audrina Makes The Difficult Decision To End Her Friendship With Justin Bobby

Audrina and Justin Bobby are going their separate ways, after she made a very difficult decision to end their friendship during the July 29 episode of 'The Hills: New Beginnings'.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Audrina Patridge finally proved she has a backbone during the July 29 episode of The Hills: New Beginnings. Not only did she finally confront Justin Bobby about how he’s been treating her, but she also ended their friendship once he told her that her life is “too heavy” for him. Yes, girl — yesssssss. This new development came after Audrina and Justin Bobby reconnected at the start of the season, and then she thought he was hooking up with Stephanie Pratt behind her back. He denied ever doing such a thing and insisted that he and Stephanie are only friends, but even his friends had their doubts. Still — what Justin Bobby was sure of was that he didn’t want to have a romantic relationship with Audrina, so he made sure that he made that very clear this week.

During a platonic dinner date, Audrina asked Justin Bobby why he was being such a bad friend to her, and he told her that her life and the issues that she’s dealing with (divorce, custody battles, etc.) are “too heavy” and too much for him to handle. He even told her that that was the reason why he’d ignore many of her text messages. She then called him a “d***” and said it felt like she was losing a friend. And she was — after Justin said she misconstrued their “friendly” kiss and bragged about it as though it meant more to her — she told him that they probably shouldn’t be friends anymore. And he agreed.

So that was basically the end of Audrina and Justin Bobby. Or was it? We’ve seen these two do this dance before, and they always end up flocking back to each other. To see if they reunite, you’ll have to keep watching.

Meanwhile, Mischa Barton went on a high-stakes audition, and Heidi Montag expressed interest in reviving her music career.

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