‘Teen Mom OG’: Maci Bookout Asks Husband Taylor McKinney To Get A Vasectomy

Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, had a serious conversation about their future during the July 29 episode of 'Teen Mom OG'.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Maci Bookout told her husband, Taylor McKinney, that she’s not interesting in having anymore biological children, during the July 29 episode of Teen Mom OG. It was a topic of conversation that came up after Maci realized the birth control she was on was coming to an end. And since she didn’t want to go on more birth control while suffering from PCOS, she asked Taylor if he’d be okay with getting a vasectomy. She was scared to ask him, and naturally so. Even when she did muster up enough courage to broach the topic, Taylor looked surprised by her suggestion. He revealed that he didn’t want it to be permanent. Plus, he said he still might want more biological kids in the future, so he wasn’t sure if a vasectomy was the best route for them.

Meanwhile, Catelynn and Tyler dealt with their own drama after fans spotted Tyler in Austin — partying with strippers — without Catelynn. She thought it was hilarious that their fans got so upset about the fact that they sometimes travel alone, and she didn’t really worry about his hangout with strippers. She said that if Tyler did do anything inappropriate, she would surely find out, and then he’d lose everything. She said it as a joke, but Tyler was taken aback. And then he encouraged her to go out with her girlfriends and have a wild time without him. They said it was “mature” for them to do things like this once in a while, and trust each other while doing so.

Later, Cheyenne went to Baltimore to meet Matt‘s family. And she was super nervous that going with the cameras and Ryder would be a bit “too much” for them, so she had a bit of anxiety upon traveling. But even though Matt’s family was surprised by the camera crew, they still had fun with Cheyenne. That only thing that did cause a hiccup during the trip was when Matt revealed that upon moving to LA, he plans on living with a roommate for two years before going to live with Cheyenne. It wasn’t exactly the timeline that Cheyenne was expecting for their relationship, so it definitely threw her for a loop.

Finally, Amber went to the doctor to get her liver tested since her dad dealt with complications throughout his life. She has yet to get her test results, but the entire process gave her anxiety.

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