’90 Day Fiance’s Chantel & Pedro: New Spinoff Will Get ‘More In-Depth’ With Their Families

'90 Day Fiance's Chantel and Pedro are one busy couple these days. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the pair about their new spinoff 'The Family Chantel' and what they're 'working' on in their relationship.

90 Day Fiance fan favorites Chantel and Pedro have a brand-new show airing on TLC called The Family Chantel. The spinoff follows the couple as they continue to work through their issues and attempt to create a happy life together in Atlanta. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Chantel and Pedro about what’s in store on The Family Chantel. “You’re going to see things from more so each person — my brother, my sister, my mom, my dad, Pedro’s mother, and sister,” Chantel told HollywoodLife. “You’ll see things from their points of view and even more in-depth and they have their own lives that you’re going to be introduced to as well.”

Chantel also noted that “since our families are a big problem that’s affecting our relationship, we will be attending family counseling.” Chantel and Pedro have experienced their fair share of obstacles and their relationship is still a work in progress. “We’re still working on it,” Chantel said. “We are still working on trying to keep things between Pedro and I and not letting the outside world affect us especially when it comes to our families and people who love us and have strong opinions about what we should be doing.”

Pedro added: “We try very hard and all. We have a lot going on in our life right now… This marriage we have, sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down.” Chantel hasn’t always had the best relationship with Pedro’s mom and sister. The Family Chantel will feature “interactions” between the three women.

All in all, Chantel said The Family Chantel is a “show about two families from two different cultures but we’re trying to make it work.” The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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