‘Andi Mack’ Cast Reveals The Show Ends In One Of The ‘Best Ways’ & More

'Andi Mack' is coming to an end. The series finale will air July 26. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the cast members about saying goodbye, their reaction to the finale, and more.

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Andi Mack
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The critically-acclaimed and beloved Disney Channel series Andi Mack will be airing its series finale on July 26. The final episode will feature Andi and Bex throwing another party when Celia leaves town, Buffy and Cyrus opening up about relationship woes, and Andi sharing a secret. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with cast members Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Asher Angel, and Sofia Wylie about getting their hands on the final script. “When I read the series finale script for the first time, I was hit with a million different emotions; excitement, pride, sadness, nostalgia, but most of all, once again, I was in awe of Terri Minsky,” Peyton told HollywoodLife. “She somehow managed to weave together a beautiful script that gave every character closure with their storylines and opened up a million new possibilities for their futures. We get a glimpse into their futures. We get to reminisce in their pasts. We get to enjoy the present moment with the characters that audiences have gotten to grow with throughout the last three seasons.”

There was a lot of crying, too. “[There were] a whole lot of tears!” Joshua said. “I think it really speaks to Terri’s brilliance that the show was wrapped up in such an amazing way. She and the writing team did an incredible job with bringing the show to a close, and I am so glad about that.” Sofia also admitted: “I have probably never cried more over a script,” Sofia told HollywoodLife. “To play such a powerful and inspiring character like Buffy for the past three years was an absolute dream and to know that was coming to an end was a very difficult idea to swallow. My heart was and forever will be filled with so much gratitude to everyone involved with making Andi Mack possible.”

Asher admitted he was “sad” when reading the finale script. “Andi Mack is my forever journey,” he said. “At the table read we were still hoping that the show would continue. So I really didn’t want to believe I was reading the series finale.”

The core four are very satisfied with how the show ends. “I think the ending brings the show to a close that allows the viewers to imagine the characters living on in their own way, and I absolutely love that,” Joshua said. “After all, everything that we did, we owe it to the fans, and so all I wanted out of the finale was that the fans would be happy. I hope that as many people as possible feel happy with it, and I believe it was one of the best ways we could have possibly done it.” Sofia added, “Terri Minsky and all of the other incredible Andi Mack writers did such a wonderful job at wrapping every storyline in a beautiful and perfect bow,” Sofia said. Asher gushed that Terri “did an amazing job in bringing a sense of closure to all of the storylines. It’s been left wide open for an Andi Mack movie.”

Peyton calls the finale a “perfect tribute” to all of the characters and would have loved to have “more time” with them. “I would say if Andi Mack has to end, this episode is a perfect tribute,” she said. “I will forever wish we had more time because I believe that the show was important to audiences. Andi Mack really helped people, and I wish we could have continued doing so. But again, Terri did a beautiful job honoring Andi Mack with the series finale.”