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Italian Pop Sensation Rose Villain Debuts Catchy ‘SWOOP!’ With References To Nicki Minaj & More

Swoop! There it is! Italian pop star Rose Villain returns with an upbeat summer track that she's premiering on HollywoodLife!

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Rose Villain
Image Credit: Savanna Ruedy, Courtesy of Republic Records

Fresh off introducing you to her fresh yet nostalgic sound with “Funeral Party” and “Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool,” Rose Villain is here with a catchy new jam that will absolutely have you craving the ’90s. With an EXCLUSIVE first listen on, Rose’s new track “SWOOP!” samples Tag Team’s classic “Whoomp! (There It Is)” with the addition of true 2019 badassery. Reminiscent of early Kesha and Lorde hits, Rose tells a cheeky story of revenge and payback with lyrics like, “You know me, I’ma steal your girl…have her in the back screamin’, ‘Oh my God!” ““SWOOP!” is my villainous interpretation of modern payback and an ode to women not taking shit from anyone,” the Milan-born singer told HollywoodLife. ” I wrote it in LA a few months ago. I live and write most of my music in New York and when I’m in Los Angeles I have a totally different vibe, I feel hotter, darker and more bad-ass.”

Rose continued, “When “SWOOP!” was created, we were all on fire in the room. It actually felt like throwing an uppercut to someone who deserved it.” Listening to it feels like that, too! While her lyrics, like “I’m gonna go Nicki Ménage à trois,” may sound sexualized, she promises they’re not. “It’s about payback as I’m going in to swoop my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend,” she said. “It might sound like a sexual thing, but it’s really about female power, girls not taking shit, and taking charge instead. I love it.”

That villainous approach to her music and songwriting stays true in the artwork for the single, as well. In it, Rose, who is also an aspiring model, poses with a large dog rocking a spiked collar, on a blood red backdrop. With a “Rated R” sign and the words, “There will be NO FORGIVENESS,” it’s clear that Rose is not messing around!

Savanna Ruedy, Courtesy of Republic Records

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