‘Veronica Mars’ Shocker: [Spoiler] Dies In Last Minutes Of Season 4 Finale

'Veronica Mars' just went there. Not only did the fourth season drop early, but the season 4 finale also featured the shocking demise of an original character. Spoilers ahead.

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Kristen Bell
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Image Credit: Hulu

Veronica Mars season 4 dropped one week early on Hulu and we have to talk about that game-changing ending. Veronica and Keith finally uncovered the identity of the Neptune serial bomber in the Veronica Mars season 4 finale. Penn Epner, the pizza delivery guy who was injured in the explosion at The Sea Sprite, was the Neptune bomber all along. Veronica and Keith thought they had dismantled Penn’s final bomb, but they didn’t put all the clues together. Penn had one last kill left — and it was Logan Echolls who suffered a brutal (but quick) death.

After Logan and Veronica got married, they were excited to head out on their honeymoon. As Veronica packed, Logan went to move the car for street cleaning. That’s when everything came together for Veronica. The final bomb was actually in Penn’s backpack all along, and that backpack was in the car Logan was moving. Veronica looked at the clock and it struck 5 o’clock, the time the bomb was set to go off.

She ran to the window and yelled for Logan but it was too late. The bomb went off and instantly killed Logan. Yes, Logan Echolls is dead. Veronica, still wearing her wedding dress, was thrown back onto the bed by the force of the explosion. The look on her face when she realized that Logan was dead was pure devastation — and then the anger set in.

The show flashed forward one year later. Veronica was seeing a therapist and was telling her about the case the whole time. Logan had wanted her to go to therapy with him when he was alive and she never did. She told the therapist she was heading out of town and wasn’t sure when she’d be back. She was leaving town for a case but she was really just wanting to get out of Neptune.

Before she left, the therapist told her about a message Logan had left before he did. The therapist had asked Logan why he wanted to marry Veronica. A tearful Veronica listened to the voicemail as she drove out of Neptune. The voicemail said: “Is it weird to want to marry someone because you respect her? Because you want to be like her? Because you want children who will inherit her qualities? I want to marry Veronica because she’s the toughest human being I’ve ever met. Blows that would destroy people, she always picks herself back up.” Rest in peace, Logan. You will be so missed.