Andy Cohen Shuts Down ‘Dumbest’ Theory About Puppygate ‘Involving One Of LVP’s Biggest Champions’

Andy Cohen debunked a rumor about who really leaked that infamous PuppyGate story, as one fan speculated that Season 9 'wasn't supposed to be about PuppyGate at all.'

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Lisa Vanderpump, Andy Cohen
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Not so fast. A Reddit user accused Bravo producer Alex Baskin of supposedly leaking the PuppyGate story to Radar Online, a report which infamously drove the drama between Lisa Vanderpump, 58, and her co-stars in Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The executive producer of the entire Real Housewives franchise, Andy Cohen, 51, thinks that’s simply ridiculous! “Possibly the dumbest theory… ironically involving one of LVP’s biggest champions,” the talk show host tweeted on July 18.

Andy was replying to an especially fired up fan, who tweeted a screenshot of the theory and wrote herself, “Hey @Andy , @evolutionusa – saw on Reddit that @abaskin31 leaked the story to Radar Online. If that’s true he should be fired for destroying the season. Also, if he did, EVERYONE involved needs to publicly apologize to @LisaVanderpump, including the editors & producers.” Well, no apology needed now!

The theory in question went into detail about why Alex, the producer, allegedly leaked the story. “All the women were supposed to have their own storylines this time, but [Alex] felt he owed Kyle a favor because she and Kim [Richards] came on to [The Real Housewives] instead of another network,” the Reddit user claimed, adding, “The season wasn’t supposed to be about puppy gate at all, but Teddi [Mellencamp] couldn’t stand Dorit [Kemsley] and wouldn’t let it go. The women had made a pact not to bring up each other’s lawsuits, so they jumped on the puppy gate story!!”

The fan then dragged Andy’s name: “Oh and when production realized Lisa was [going to] go quit Andy found out about it because the producers knew she didn’t sell the story. OMG!!! I’m so pissed at Andy!!!” Throughout the season, Lisa’s co-stars suspected that she was the one who fed the dog scandal intel to Radar Online, an accusation that she denied in a friendship-ending fight with Kyle and during a lie detector test (which she passed).

ICYMI, Dorit was the one who adopted Lucy Lucy Apple Juice from Vanderpump Dogs, but she gave away the pooch to a new owner after the dog allegedly bit Dorit’s children. Dorit wasn’t informed when Lucy Lucy Apple Juice was later passed on to the animal shelter. Teddi texted about the dog drama with Vanderpump Dogs employee John Blizzard, further complicating this doggone mess.