Ayesha Curry Defended By Fans After She’s Mocked For Doing The Milly Rock Dance For Steph

Ayesha Curry's fans came to her defense after trolls poked fun at her dance moves on Twitter. Her silly version of the Milly Rock was so much fun!

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Steph Ayesha Curry
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Can we let the woman live? Ayesha Curry is in the middle of yet another small controversy, and this time it’s about her dance moves! Ayesha was mocked on Twitter after a video of the chef doing a goofy version of The Milly Rock circulated online as her friends, and husband Steph Curry, watched. It’s clear that Ayesha’s not taking it seriously. She’s giggling, and you can see that her Golden State Warriors player husband is smiling as their friends cheer her on. She looks totally adorable while busting out her funny moves in a super short peasant dress. The trolls came out to play, though, when radio station Hot 97 tweeted out the video, captioned, “Aye! Did #AyeshaCurry kill her Milly Rock?” A lot of people didn’t think she did, unfortunately.

“Steph did this chick a favor when he married her,” one cruel troll tweeted. “I apologize for the sh*t about Steph, this man gotta deal with this on a daily basis,” said another. The taunts about her marriage to Steph continued, as many people tweeted out pics of him giving side-eye, and more. How awful is that? Luckily, for each petty remark, there was an Ayesha stan in the comments defending her right to dance however she wants. “People are so obsessed with their relationship. The jokes aren’t even funny anymore,” one fan tweeted in response to the digs. “The internet hate to see people have a good time,” said another, tweeting out a gift of Steph shaking his head.

“Y’all need to stop @ayeshacurry is clearly playing n goofing around,” another pointed out, adding that she probably saves her most seductive moves for alone time with her husband! And nobody has a stronger marriage in Hollywood than Steph and Ayesha. They clearly love and support each other through thick and thin. The parents of three always trade compliments back and forth on social media.


After the Golden State Warriors lost the NBA finals to the Toronto Raptors in June, Ayesha cheered up her husband with a special message on Instagram. She wrote that she loved him and was “infinitely proud” of him. Aww!