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‘RHOBH’ Reunion: Camille Grammer Shades Denise Richards Over Her Divorce From Charlie Sheen

Camille Grammer threw major shade at Denise Richards during the July 16 'RHOBH' reunion, when speaking about her past marriage to Charlie Sheen.

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Before taking shots at Denise Richards for her acting career and suggesting that she didn’t “work as hard” as her, Camille Grammer was randomly asked how she felt about Denise and Charlie Sheen not having a prenup. “What was your reaction to Denise not having a prenup in her marriage to Charlie Sheen?” Andy Cohen asked Camille, almost immediately after she joined the ladies for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion on July 16. This question came just before a clip showed Denise saying that she could have taken half of everything Charlie had when they got divorced, but she didn’t because she “ain’t a greedy f***ing whore”.

“Well, I was married for 13 years — that’s a long time,” Camille said, when comparing her situation to Denise’s. Denise was only married to Charlie for “just under 5” years, and when Andy asked Camille if Denise should have asked for half of Charlie’s money, Camille said, “I don’t know”. Andy then acknowledged that Charlie “came up [and became more famous]” when Denise was with him, to which Denise added, “Charlie was almost bankrupt before we got married.”

Camille then said, “Got it. Okay. Well, I don’t know much about… I’m sorry I didn’t follow you that much, [Denise]. I can only speak about myself.” Denise laughed off the subtle shade, but her co-stars appeared stunned by Camille’s response. And then Camille took another jab at Denise by flicking her hand and saying, “Whatever”. Then, she told Andy, “I just felt like working and — I worked hard. I just didn’t sit back buying fancy clothes and shoving bonbons in my face. I mean, I worked hard,” suggesting that Denise’s own career didn’t amount to much.

Andy was left speechless, but Dorit gave everyone some comic relief by asking Denise, “Do you like bonbons?” And Denise claimed she’s “never had one” before laughing.

The ladies then headed to lunch and while Camille was in her dressing room, she was heard saying, “I don’t understand what’s going on with Denise about the money stuff. I just didn’t expect that. Everyone’s divorce is different. Their settlement is different. I can’t figure out what it is that gets her about that.”

Back inside Denise’s room, she was seen talking to Teddi Mellencamp, as well as her makeup artist, and said, “Oh my God, wait until we get into all of this Camille sh*t. I think she’s just being really mean … Maybe she’s not a happy person.” And then Denise’s makeup artist joked, “[It] comes down to sex. If you’re getting laid [you’re happier].”

Interestingly, after a sneak peek at this scene started circulating online, Camille took to Twitter to defend herself. “California is a community property state. In a divorce each spouse gets 50% of the community property. The duration of the marriage is a factor in the size of the community property estate,” she explained in her first tweet, before adding, “And in the duration of spousal support. I don’t know what Denise was trying to insinuate when the law is clear.” Camille seemed to be referencing California’s law that states a spouse is entitled to 50% of the couple’s earnings, assets, and/or community property acquired during the marriage, following at least 10 years of marriage. And since Camille was married to her ex, actor Kelsey Grammer, for 13 years, it means she was entitled to 50%. Denise, however, was only married to Charlie for a little under five years, so she would likely not have been entitled to 50%.

Want more? Part 2 of the RHOBH reunion airs Tuesday, July 23, at 9pm on Bravo!